Meghan McCain Says She Will “Never. Ever. Over. My. Dead. Body.” Allow Her Children to Attend College

In a recent Daily Mail column by Meghan McCain, which was published on May 31, the 38-year-old daughter of late Senator John McCain denounced the various forms of higher education available today and explained why she won’t allow her children to attend college or university when they grow older. 

“The way things are going in academia today – college is the last place I would pay for my kids to attend,” McCain wrote in the column. “When the times comes, my two children may be among those choosing a job over a major. My youngest isn’t even out of diapers yet, but I don’t think that this so absurd.”

She called out colleges and universities for their ‘hateful, irrational, woke indoctrination’ and claimed that they focus on teaching agendas – opposed to teaching useful skills, which is what kids are interested in these days. As for the parents, they want to know their money isn’t being wasted on ‘useless ideologies.’

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Meghan McCain went on to give specific examples of incidents where she grew disgusted, disappointed, and outraged at the system. For example, she singled out the commencement address at The City University of New York on May 12 – which featured keynote speaker Fatima Mousa Mohammed

Mohammed called American law a ‘manifestation of white supremacy’ and labeled the NYPD as ‘fascist’ – ultimately calling for a ‘revolution to challenge oppressive institutions, like the military, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the prison system.’ Of course, Meghan McCain doesn’t agree with any of it.

“Here’s what I know – no child of mine will ever attend a university that promotes anti-American, anti-free speech, anti-capitalist garbage and antisemitic hate speech. Never. Ever. Over. My. Dead. Body,” McCain wrote in her Daily Mail column on May 31. “But this is now the real price of a college education.”

She also brought up how enrollments are plunging as a result of modern academia– statistically, the number of students enrolled in college between 2012 adn 2019 dropped from 20.5 million to 18.2 million. And those numbers have only continued to decline since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Meghan McCain Receives Criticism From Other Columnists

Meghan McCain has made a name for herself as someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind – a trait she can thank her father, Senator John McCain for. Of course, her thoughts and opinions aren’t going to be liked by everyone and she’s bound to face her fair share of criticism – which she most definitely did. 

Kali Holloway, a columnist for The Daily Beast called McCain’s Daily Mail column ironic in the fact that she’s calling out universities for pushing agendas – meanwhile, she’s pushing her own agenda on her children and, essentially, doing the same thing colleges are doing by limiting her children’s options. 

“Instead of allowing her kids to explore a world beyond their Republican roots, McCain insists they have no exposure to ideas and ways of thinking that might let them decide for themselves how they see the world,” Holloway wrote in a column of her own. She also calls McCain out for trying to play ‘victim.’ 

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Nonetheless, Meghan McCain is intent on sharing her own views and opinions – something that she’ll do with pride. “Professors and administrators no longer strive to teach students how to think, but what to think. And thankfully, American’s aren’t buying what they’re selling,” she concluded in her column.

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