Melanie Martin Regains Full Custody of Her Son With Aaron Carter: “Aaron Would Have Been Ecstatic”

A few months before Aaron Carter passed away, he and his fiancé – Melanie Martin – lost custody of their son, Prince, due to concerns over domestic violence and substance abuse. In an effort to get his child back, Aaron spent a month in an outpatient program to focus on aftercare and trigger prevention. 

Prince has been with Martin’s mother since September, but the one-year-old child is finally returning home to its mother after Melanie regained full custody on Friday. While the child will be without its father moving forward, Melanie couldn’t help but recognize how excited Aaron would be if he were still alive. 

Melanie Martin Regains Full Custody of Her Son With Aaron Carter: “Aaron Would Have Been Ecstatic” | Melanie Martin is finally regaining full custody of her one-year-old son, Prince, who she shared with Aaron Carter before his unexpected death last month.

“I am excited about getting custody of our son. Aaron took it really hard when our son got taken away. I know Aaron would have been ecstatic. This victory is in his honor. I only wish Aaron could be here to share this moment with me,” said Martin in a statement, following the court’s decision to give her custody.

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Aaron Carter was found dead in his home on November 5th. While the exact cause of death is unknown at the moment, friends suspect he may have relapsed before drowning – the singer was in the bathtub when a housekeeper found his body. This comes at a time when Carter was attempting to turn his life around. 

In October, Aaron listed his second home for sale in hopes of starting over and building a better life for his family. He made the announcement on Twitter, adding that he’s ‘ready for a new chapter in my 3rd home.’ That was just one month before his death and just two months away from finally getting his child back.

In her statement on Friday, Melanie Martin opened up about her fiancé’s holiday plans – adding that he wanted to get his son back before Christmas so they can enjoy some precious family time on vacation in Colorado for the holidays. “He wanted to sit by the fireplace and watch the snow,” Melanie recounted. 

Nonetheless, Melanie is looking forward to raising her child now that she has full custody of Prince. She wishes Aaron were here so they can do it as a family, but life had different plans. “My heart has been heavy the past few days, realizing that I won’t be spending Christmas as a family with Aaron and my son.”

Melanie Martin Won’t Be Receiving Any Remains of Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was cremated shortly after his death and while his family is set to release some of his ashes – along with the ashes of his late sister – it appears Melanie Martin won’t be invited. The family has long tried to separate the couple and went as far as blaming her for his death in tweets that have been deleted.

While Melanie won’t be receiving any of Aaron’s ashes and won’t be a part of the ceremony with his family, she plans on having a ceremony of her own – with Prince, her parents, and some of Aaron’s ‘real friends.’ Melanie added that she doesn’t want any ‘bad blood’ with Aaron’s family moving forward. 

A little over a week ago, the family came forward and said they had no plans of fighting for Aaron’s wealth. Instead, the family agrees that his wealth should be left with Prince to ensure the child is given the best life possible. The family, including Aaron’s mother, reportedly hasn’t met Martin or the child yet.

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That could change in the future, though. The family has confirmed that it would like to have a relationship with Prince and Melanie. And since Melanie doesn’t want any bad blood, there’s a chance the two sides come together at some point – at least so Aaron’s mother can meet her grandson for the first time.

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