Michael Bublé Recalls How His Oldest Son Being Diagnosed With Cancer Changed His Life Forever

For the first time since his son was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, singer Michael Bublé is opening up about that time in his family’s lives.

While a guest on The Diary of a CEO podcast, Bublé admitted his son being diagnosed with cancer “pulled the curtain from over my eyes. That was a sledgehammer to my reality.”

Thankfully, now 10 years old, Noah, is in remission and living a normal life with his parents and three younger siblings. But when he was initially diagnosed seven years ago, Bublé revealed on the podcast that it caused him to re-evaluate his priorities.

“When it actually happened, I was going through a crisis. I don’t think I was a terrible guy. But it was the blinders—career, ambition, ‘How do I become the baddest, biggest, best?’ More ego, more power, more money.”

But reality hit when Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer. “I went, ‘OK, this is it. This is life. This is what’s important. It’s not like I thought about it. There was no time to process it.'”

“I remember closing my eyes and saying to myself, ‘If we get out of this, I’m living a different life, a better life. I want to be kinder, I want to be more empathetic, I don’t want that ego and that false self to take over, I want to know how lucky I am.'”

But despite everything they endured then, Bublé admits he’s “a lucky man. Look at my wife, how did that happen? How did I get this incredible human being, who is the best of all of us, to lead me through and carry me through these things?'”

It’s clear Michael Bublé is one proud father. During the last few days of August, Noah celebrates another year around the son, and each year, the father of four is sure to wish his son a happy birthday. On his 10th birthday, Bublé wrote:

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“It sucked and it still sucks because what we went through was THE…worst possible thing that you could hear as a parent and as maybe a human being,” the singer said in the past about Noah’s cancer battle. 

“I much rather it would’ve been me. Many times I wished that it had been. You know, it’s impossible. Look, there were many times that my wife and I were just, you know, surviving, struggling to survive and to breathe. And more times than people could understand—some days when we wished we didn’t wake up, when we did, we felt the love of those people. We knew they were praying for us. We knew that there was goodness out there. It gave us faith in humanity to be really blunt.” 

And while Bublé occasionally spoke about his son’s battle with liver disease, Bublé and his family are fairly private. However, the proud father of three took the opportunity to celebrate Noah’s birthday by sharing an adorable and rare Instagram post.

Along with a photo of Michael and Noah from when Noah was first born to a more recent photo of the father-son duo sharing a hug, the singer called his son his hero. “Today my hero turns 8,” Michael Bublé began the August 27 post.

“I’ve never met anyone as brave. I’ve never known anyone as kind or as good-hearted,” Bublé wrote.

“And I’ll never truly be able to express how proud I am, or how deep and profound Mommy’s and my love is for you. You’ve blessed our lives in every way. We hope God blesses you on your special day. Happy Birthday, Noah B!”

Michael’s wife and Noah’s mom, model Luisana Lopilato, also commented on the singer’s heartfelt post. She wrote, “Many feelings today …all I can say is I love you very much Michael Bublé, and let’s celebrate many more!!!!”

“Always together, laughing, crying, happy, tired. I know how you feel today because I feel the same !! Party time !!!”

How incredibly sweet is this family? Happy Birthday, Noah!

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