Can You Microwave a Baby Bottle in Order to Warm It Up?

A mom writes in asking for advice about baby bottles. She asks — formula-feeding moms, specifically — for their opinions on whether it is okay to microwave a baby’s bottle in order to warm it up. Below, the community weighs in with suggestions and tips about how they managed their formula-fed babies and whether they used a microwave to warm bottles.

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A member of the community asks:

Can you microwave a bottle to warm it up?”

“For mamas who formula feed: What are your opinions on microwaving bottles?

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom Who Wants to Know if It Is Okay to Warm a Baby Bottle in the Microwave

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

Fan QuestionCan you microwave a bottle to warm it up?For mamas who formula feed. What are your opinions on microwaving bottles?#parenting #child_health

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Advice Summary

Can You Microwave a Baby Bottle in Order to Warm It Up?

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“I always used nursery water at room temp with formula powder for 5 babies. They’re strong and healthy older children now. It saved so much time and energy, just kept it all next to my bed. So in the middle of the night, fill the bottle with water, add formula, shake really good, and bam!!!!”

“Room temperature nursery water was an easy solution. Worked well for my boys and saved me a lot of time and sanity.”

“Make the bottle up as normal, pop in the microwave for 20/25 seconds. Did them no harm, saves boiling a pan, kettle, or running a tap. Go with what you think.”

“You can microwave them. People say hot spots, but you’re supposed to shake them up after so then there won’t be hot spots. If you’re using powdered formula, you can use tap water. If it’s city water anyways.”

“I would warm up the water then add formula. 30 seconds was always good enough to make it warm.”

“I did it. And my daughter is a perfectly healthy 12-year-old. Just shake frequently to avoid hot spots.”

“I warm up my bottles in the microwave! 25 seconds is fine!”

“Honestly it’s just easier to make room-temperature bottles than to have to worry about that.”

“I’ve microwaved or used a bottle warmer. Microwave is easier. I would just do little bits before you figure out the exact time you need. I always shook the bottle and checked the temp before I gave it to my daughter and I do the same for my newborn. I would shack it because you can get hot spots. I do up my formula before bed and keep it in the fridge.”

“I did. Just have to be careful of hot spots. I usually only did it to get bottles hot for trips out and by the time she needed it, it was the right temp.”

“I always microwaved for 30 seconds. Just shake well and test it before you give it to baby.”

“You can get a filtered water pitcher and leave it in the counter to use room temp water… I used the microwave and just shook it after. When you have a screaming baby you don’t have time to wait for the stupid warmer. I never made mine too warm in the microwave… Just enough to not be cold.”

“You should not microwave the actual formula because of what it does to the nutrients. As for warming the water up in the microwave, I do it in a glass and then pour that into the bottle. My midwife and son’s pediatrician said it was just fine as long as the formula and the bottle themselves didn’t get microwaved.”

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