Middle School Teacher Goes Viral On TikTok For Encouraging Students

A middle school teacher is going viral for informing her students that grades are just a small part of life.

Ms. Po is a middle school health teacher who is inspiring students with her kindness, wisdom, and honesty in the classroom and on TikTok.

Middle School Teacher Goes Viral On TikTok For Encouraging Students

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And as Ms. Po knows that her students don’t always have the support they need, she is quick to share her guidance every chance she gets.

Ms. Po asks real-world questions and isn’t afraid of tough topics, like how to love yourself, or what to do if you’re struggling with your parents.

Her positive encouragement is so inspiring that it has her TikTok following growing every day, an occurrence she says gives her “street cred” with her students.

@realmsp A little positivity this week #teachersoftiktok #fyp ♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

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In one clip, she can be heard telling her students that grades aren’t everything.

“You could fail out of school and be the most successful person,” she says.

And while we know this to be true, the acknowledgment that grades aren’t worth quite as much stress as kids sometimes believe is not a common sentiment shared.

One of Ms. Po’s practices is reading anonymous notes and responding to them with thoughtful and uplifting advice.

@realmsp Anonymous activity yes they know it’s going to be read and no they don’t have to participate #teachersoftiktok #fyp ♬ the night we met – favsoundds

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Her students clearly have so much trust in her, given that they share their really difficult struggles with the class.

So it is no surprise that Ms. Po has over 583,000 followers on TikTok and over 27 million likes. Many were quick to praise the young teacher, saying, “Kids need to be guided and reassured in this way. Emotional health is key to academic success and happy life! (A retired teacher here).”

“She’s legit saving lives. No joke. I hope the school administrators and parents give her the praise she deserves because teachers give so much of themselves every day,” one user shared.

Followed by, “I love her for them… Kids need this so bad. The one kid who found out they weren’t their father’s kid was me. I found out in the 8th grade and I was devastated. I had no one to talk to so I love her.”

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