MIL Skips Son’s Wedding Because He Didn’t Invite Her to His Bachelor Party

A mother-in-law (from hell) is making Reddit spin after she refused to show up for her son’s wedding when he didn’t invite her on her bachelor trip. The original poster (OP) set the scene and whew boy this tale is a sticky one…

“My MIL was the sweetest woman I had ever met until the day her son put a ring on my finger — ever since she has been the spawn of satan,” the OP wrote in a post on the r/motherinlawsfromhell forum which has since been deleted.

MIL Skips Son's Wedding As He Didn't Invite Her To Party
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“I told my MIL she could pick any of the available rooms she wanted in the three story house we rented for the wedding party,” the OP explained.

They gave their MIL “three invitations, countless reminders and visits for eight months leading up to the week we left.”

“I begged her to just ride down with me and so many people offered to drive her down for just the day but instead she stayed home and pouted,” the OP wrote.

MIL Skips Son's Wedding As He Didn't Invite Her To Party
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“She now tells everyone she knows (including my stepkids) that I refused to invite her to my wedding.”

One person said:

Ah, I see you’ve found yourself a MIL who likes revisionist history! These are beasts not to be handled lightly. If I can pass on any advice, as my own mother is a champion of revisionist history, this would be it:

Don’t react to the lies. Don’t support them, don’t invalidate them, just say nothing. She wants to bait into being the victim and being right. Refusing to talk about it gives it no weight. Your step-children will hear the correct version of events over their lives and form their own opinion about their grandmother

Stand by your boundaries. Whatever they are, no matter what she says. Make sure you and DH agree on them together, go over them with the kids, and handle her the way you would an unruly toddler. You give the expectation. If she fails to meet the expectation, you give the pre-determined and communicated consequence. Ignore the tantrum. She can manage her emotions like the adult she is.

Enjoy your life. Give her the option to participate as you see fit and do not coddle her into making a better decision than she has. The only person who is uninviting her to your wedding (or refusing to invite herself) is her. Other people will witness the behavior, and the less you play along, the more evident it becomes.

While another said: “Your MIL wants to be the victim. That’s her agenda. Don’t worry, many MIL’s are like that and the entire family usually knows. Our entire family says that MIL’s stories are 1% true and 99% made up.”

MIL Skips Son's Wedding As He Didn't Invite Her To Party
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Another person commented: “What mother would expect to be invited to her sons bachelor party? Your MIL is delusional.”

While another exclaimed: “I hope you burst out laughing when ever you hear it and say/yell out No YOU refused to come because your son wouldn’t invite his mummy to his ALL MEN BACHELOR PARTY HAHAHA. Honestly if you do have to endure it still, just don’t. I doubt she’d continue very long.”

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