Mom Accused of Abusing Child Allegedly Covered Up Injuries With Temporary Tattoos

Mom Jessica Trefethen, also known as Jessica Johnson and Jessica Williams, has been charged with depraved indifference murder in her 3-year-old son’s death made her first court appearance this past Friday.

Her bail has been set at $150,000.

mom accused of abusing child allegedly covered up injuries with temporary tattoos
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Trefethen’s son, Maddox Williams, was pronounced dead at Waldo County General Hospital on Sunday, June 20. His father, Andrew Williams, is currently incarcerated at the Knox County Jail. 

Trefethen also has three children with Jason Trefethen. Jason lives in a camper at 30 Cross Ln. in Stockton Springs, according to police, which is the same property where Jessica lives.

Trefethen and her mother, Sherry Johnson, took Maddox to the hospital and Jessica informed hospital staff that he had been knocked down by a dog leash and kicked by his 8-year-old sister. But the office of the chief medical examiner did not come to that same conclusion….

mom accused of abusing child allegedly covered up injuries with temporary tattoos
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Police said Dr. Lisa Funte of the office of the chief medical examiner determined the cause of Maddox’s death to be multiple blunt force trauma. Authorities also say the manner of death was determined to be non-accidental inflicted trauma.

Police said Funte also noted the following injuries during Maddox’s autopsy on Monday, June 21:

  • Bruises on his arms, legs, abdomen, and head
  • Three partially-healed abrasions on his face and forehead, which were covered with temporary stick-on tattoos
  • Deep tissue bruising on his butt
  • Internal bleeding in his abdomen that indicated a rupture of the bowel
  • Injuries and bleeding in his brain
  • Fractured spine
mom accused of abusing child allegedly covered up injuries with temporary tattoos
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Police stated the autopsy also found abrasions on the inside of his lips that were indicative of facial impact. He was also missing three teeth, which appeared to be the result of at least two separate events and X-rays revealed that his adult teeth had not yet grown into position to push the baby teeth out.

Funte said Maddox’s injuries were inflicted upon him and the injuries were not consistent with a fall, being kicked in the stomach, or being knocked down, according to police.

Police also spoke with Jessica Trefethen on June 23. She claimed on this date that her young daughter had told her Maddox got knocked down by a puppy. Police said she told them “she had no idea” how he would have received his injuries and that he had a lot of bruises because “he bruised very easily and her kids play wild and crazy.” According to police, she also said he had fallen from a trampoline several days before but was not bleeding and seemed fine.

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