Police Arrest Mom Who Showed Up to Daughter's School In Boxing Gloves to Beat Up Student

Police Arrest Mom Who Showed Up to Daughter’s School In Boxing Gloves to Beat Up Student

A 34-year-old mom from Florida is in police custody after she allegedly showed up to her daughter’s school wearing boxing gloves and picked a fight with one of her daughter’s classmates. According to KHOU 11, the fight occurred on March 18 around 12:14 p.m. outside of the school’s cafeteria.

A school resource officer for Dupont Middle School responded to the fight after hearing a teacher’s “frantic” announcement over the school’s radio system. As KHOU 11 reports, once the SRO arrived at the scene he discovered Edith Riddle involved in a physical fight with one of the young children.

Police Arrest Mom Who Showed Up to Daughter's School In Boxing Gloves to Beat Up Student
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Mom Arrested After Attacking Daughter’s Classmate at Her School

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The fight allegedly occurred after Riddle had left the school with her daughter following a meeting with the vice principal. According to reports, it was Riddle’s daughter who initiated the fight by throwing the victim to the ground and throwing the first punches before Riddle got involved.

Witnesses revealed that they saw Riddle wearing a boxing glove on her left hand during the attack, which she was allegedly wearing when she arrived at the school for the meeting. Riddle told the school that the glove was “was super glued to her wrist and she couldn’t remove it.”

Police Arrest Mom Who Showed Up to Daughter's School In Boxing Gloves to Beat Up Student

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According to KHOU 11, the victim suffered noticeable abrasions to her knees and forearms and was transferred to a local hospital by her parents for further evaluation. The student will be pressing charges against Riddle and her daughter. Riddle has since been charged with one count of child abuse with personal/special weapons. Although a juvenile, it is unclear if Riddle’s daughter will also face charges.

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