Is This Woman Wrong for Refusing to Replace Her Cousin’s Blouse After Her Baby Threw Up on It?

Kids are messy. They are somehow always covered in something — paint, dirt, spilled food or drinks — and they are not the most coordinated humans, often resulting in lots of spills. When it’s an infant, messes often just come in the form of straight-up vomit. While most people are understanding about the messes kids can make, a new mom recently found herself in a very uncomfortable situation after her baby threw up on a relative’s blouse at a family gathering.

The mom shared on Reddit that she had decided to host a “baby ceremony” to introduce their friends and family to their daughter, Charlotte. She noted that her cousin Alice was in attendance and that Alice has “expensive taste” with only designer clothing costing “thousands.” 

When it was Alice’s turn to hold Charlotte, the baby threw up on her. Alice got very upset, leaving the party in tears and spending the remainder of the event in her car crying. 


The mom later received a call from her mother, informing her that Alice had requested she pay for the shirt (which costs approximately $2,175, or £1,800). The mom said no. “At the end of the day we all know what babies can be like. She took a risk wearing something so expensive knowing a baby was nearby and unfortunately it backfired. I feel bad for her but it was not my fault,” she said. 


She asked Reddit users if she did the right thing and the overwhelming response was” YES! 

“No person with any sense wears an $1800 shirt around a baby,” said one poster. 

“Asking new parents for $1800 FOR A SHIRT is insane. I couldn’t even imagine doing that for $50. It sounds like this girl has no concept of the world outside of herself and maybe this is a good wake up call,” said another. 

“Yes and also, baby vomit is washable. She should just get it dry cleaned!,” pointed out another poster. 


Some posters noted that the original poster could have offered to have the shirt dry-cleaned, especially since the shirt was potentially too expensive for them to replace. 

Unfortunately, the OP didn’t provide an update so it’s unclear whether or not she ended up shelling out the money. We hope she didn’t, though. Babies be puking; what can you do? Don’t show up to a baby party in a $2,000 shirt unless you like living on the edge… and the consequences of said living.

Was this mom wrong for not offering to replace an expensive blouse that her baby threw up on? Sound off in the comments!

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