Mom Bans Husband To Be At Her Triplets’ Birth Because He Wanted Boys

A mom posted to the Reddit channel AITA (Am I The A******) to ask the interwebs is she is in the wrong for deciding her husband is not allowed in the delivery room because he was upset about the babies gender i.e. he wanted triplet boys.

Did I mention she is expecting triplets? Triple-trouble.

Mom Bans Husband To Be At Her Triplets' Birth Due To Gender
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“My husband and I planned on having 3 kids, but that was more difficult than we thought,” began her post

“Our miracle daughter is 4, and we wanted to try and give her a little brother or sister.”

She then excitedly dove into the big reveal:

“There’s gonna be 4 of them, as I’m pregnant with triplets! My husband and I were ecstatic about this!” she said excitedly. “Right now I’m 6 months along, so we thought we’d do a zoom meeting with our family to announce their gender (we also surprised them by telling them it’s triplets!)”

Mom Bans Husband To Be At Her Triplets' Birth Due To Gender
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And with another daughter at home — the pair found that all three of their babies were also girls. And while the mama was beyond ecstatic, the dad didn’t quite reach her level of enthusiasm.

The mom shared how her husband walked away upset after they discovered the genders. She went to ask him why he was upset and she did not like his answer.

“He said, ‘I just wish you’d given me one boy, so I could do stuff with him,'” the mom revealed.

She wrote that he said,

“The girls will only want to play dress-up. I wish you gave me one boy instead of three girls.” She was obviously, “furious,” adding how “he’d rather give up our three girls for one boy, even with him knowing how difficult it was for us to have any children at all. I yelled at him and told him he didn’t deserve a boy if it meant he’d ignore his girls.”

Mom Bans Husband To Be At Her Triplets' Birth Due To Gender
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The mom then informed him the dad was not welcome — stating that her mother was the “only person” she wanted in the delivery room when their triplets were born.

“My husband was extremely hurt by this, and asked why. I told him that if he can’t appreciate his daughters, he has no right to be there when they’re born.”

And dad then felt bad for what he had previously said, OP says.

“He started apologizing, crying, telling me he was wrong, but they were his daughters too and he wanted to be there. I’m not changing my stance on this one, he will not be in the delivery room.”

The OP then asked the interwebs is this was unreasonable — comment your thoughts below!

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