mom brings coyote into house thinking it's a puppy

Mom Brings a Coyote Into Her Home Thinking It’s a Lost Puppy, Allows it to Snuggle With Her Kid

Kayla Eby, a mom of two from Seaside, Oregon, has long been a pet lover. So it wasn’t totally surprising that when she saw a cute dog looking lost in front of her home she took him in. But, as it turned out, this wasn’t a dog; mom had brought a coyote into her home thinking it’s a lost puppy.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

After she brought the pup in and get him settled, she texted her partner, Justin, to let him know about the new addition to the family. She told Justin the puppy had quickly bonded with their two kids; in fact, she was watching it snuggle with her kid as she texted. The family named the dog Spot, and the pup began snuggling up on the couch like he was part of the family.

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But when Justin saw Spot’s photo, he realized Spot wasn’t the cuddly pet Kayla thought. He’s very confused as to why mom would bring a coyote into their home thinking it’s a lost puppy.

After posting the conversation and photos to Facebook, Kayla had no idea their text exchange would go massively viral…

Note: The following texts contain some graphic language.

After Eby rescued the sweet-looking pup who was outside all alone with no tags or ID, she messaged Justin to let him know they had a new addition to the household.

Facebook/ Kayla Eby

Kayla brought the puppy in from the cold, where he quickly bonded with their two children. They let him up on the couch and Kayla watched as he made himself at home next to her two kids.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

But Justin realized what was going on and he was less than thrilled. He doesn’t understand why she would bring a coyote home thinking it’s a lost puppy. In fact, he wants the animal gone ASAP.

...and Kayla and Justin's text exchange went viral overnight.
Facebook/ Kayla Eby

Because of the crazy situation, how close the coyote was to the kids, and how angrily Justin reacted, people started to take notice of the story and the text messages exchange went viral overnight.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

While Kayla was convinced she had brought a dog into the house, Justin was just as convinced it was not. And that it needed to be taken out of their house and away from their kids quickly.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

At this point, Kayla still wants to keep the coyote in the house, even though she’s now aware that it’s not a dog. Justin works to convince her she can’t keep a wild animal as a pet.

Cute is certainly one word for it, but we’d argue that letting a wild animal into the house with anyone, let alone kids, is probably not the safest idea.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

Justin continues to freak out about the situation.  He’s absolutely right about the threat the coyote poses to the kids. He also doesn’t want to come home and find his house destroyed by wild animals. 

Facebook / Kayla Eby

Eventually, Kayla starts Googling “coyotes” to get some intel, but that doesn’t make Justin any less angry. He still wants Kayla to get the coyote out of the house as quickly as possible.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

But Kayla and the kids are already becoming attached to the coyote and decide to name it. This makes Justin even more worried.

Facebook / Kayla Eby

Justin pleads with Kayla go and lock herself and the kids in the bedroom so he can come into the house and get the coyote out. He worries the coyote will become violent and he wants to keep his family safe. 

Kayla sends Justin a picture of some more coyotes, saying they are howling outside. She says she thinks they might be looking for the coyote that brought into the house back when she thought it was a lost puppy.

But then Kayla reveals the punchline: “When you have a crazy hubby and friends with photoshop…”  

She did not bring a coyote home thinking it was a lost puppy. All a joke! Luckily, Justin has a great sense of humor and wasn’t angry with his wife.

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