Mom Claims She Hasn’t Been Sick in Years Due To ‘Sperm Smoothies’

One British mom swears by her daily 8-ounce smoothies….made with sperm.

Tracy Kiss is a fitness model and mother of two from Buckinghamshire, England, and swears by the stuff — claiming that she hasn’t been sick in years thanks to downing the drink every day.

Mom Claims She Doesn't Get Sick Due To 'Sperm Smoothies'
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“My immune system is far stronger than it’s ever been,” she reveals to CafeMom. “I no longer catch colds or the flu — even when my children get sick from school! I have such high energy levels, feel positive and enthusiastic and have focus and clarity throughout my day whilst most parents feel tired, crave junk food and struggle with forgetfulness.”

But Kiss also insists that they actually taste good…?

“Being vegan, my fridge and fruit bowl are always filled with fresh ingredients,” she says. “I make smoothies from whatever I have to hand each day. Typically I blend apples, fresh ginger, fresh mint, celery, cucumber, spinach leaves, carrot and berries.”

Mom Claims She Doesn't Get Sick Due To 'Sperm Smoothies'
Image via Instagram

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And in the process, the fruity flavors cover up the “semeny” ones, Kiss revealing it is similar to hiding vegetables blended into a sauce for a fussy eater.”

“When semen is mixed into a smoothie, it totally disguises the taste but maximizes the goodness,” she says. “You would never know it’s there because the fruit and vegetables balance out the saltiness of the taste, which would otherwise have been overpowering if consumed on its own.”

It should be noted that “sperm smoothies” aren’t exactly FDA-approved or recommended by any medical professionals. That said, there have been studies over the years that have linked sperm consumption to random health benefits.

Mom Claims She Doesn't Get Sick Due To 'Sperm Smoothies'
Image via Instagram

Back in 2003 in a controlled study, females who were exposed to sperm for longer periods (both before and during pregnancy) were found to be less likely to develop preeclampsia. It is also known to consist of multiple compounds such as mood-lifting hormones as well as essentials like proteins, zinc and vitamin C.

But it should be noted, however, according to New York sex therapist Stephen Snyder, MD, that she is not actually drinking sperm…

“Just keep in mind that she’s not really drinking sperm,” Snyder shares with CafeMom. “She’s drinking semen, only a small fraction of which is spermatozoa. The rest is just nutritive substances for the spermatozoa. It seems reasonable that those nutritive substances might have some value.”

If you are wondering where Kiss gets her supply — she thankfully has her boyfriend to meet all of her semen needs.

Mom Claims She Doesn't Get Sick Due To 'Sperm Smoothies'
Image via Instagram

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“We live an hour and a half away because of work, so it’s not possible to see one another every day,” she shares. So for her to get her normal “batches,” she had to think outside of the box.

“I use a small plastic container, often used as sauce pots for takeaway food, and store it airtight in the fridge for 24 hours to save for the next day,” Kiss says.

“If it’s going to be more than 24 hours before I can consume the semen, and to space it out for a consistent dose throughout the week, then I freeze the semen in an ice cube tray in individual portions and pop a cube out as and when I need it and let it melt into my smoothies.”

Mom Claims She Doesn't Get Sick Due To 'Sperm Smoothies'
Image via Instagram

“He has been very supportive about it,” she says. “Having consumed semen in an intimate manner from him previously — as I’m sure most couples have done in the bedroom without realizing it’s indeed very good for you — to remove the ‘relationship’ aspect of the semen and then ask him to provide it for me to consume for health reasons, it wasn’t as offensive or shocking as a prospect in itself.”

She continued on, sharing: “I hope that, in time, if we break down taboos and lift the stigma of what may be seen as ‘unusual’ or ‘different’ to the norm, people will become more open-minded to try alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals, which lead to a whole host of other symptoms,” she says.

“Health should be about prevention instead of cure. Nobody deserves to be weak and sick and lose days of their life spent in bed suffering. With just a few lifestyle changes we can be far healthier, happier, and stronger, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny because semen is free and plentiful.”

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