‘Miracle Baby’: Mom-of-Three Gets Pregnant After Having Fallopian Tubes Removed

Getting pregnant unexpectedly is always a bit of an adjustment. Getting pregnant when you were 100% confident you couldn’t is straight-up shocking. That’s what happened to mom-of-three Elizabeth Kough, who found herself pregnant with her fourth child after getting her fallopian tubes removed years earlier.

“Of course, at first I was shocked, and I was like, this isn’t in my plan, because I’m a planner. But sometimes, the best-laid plans, you need to just do away with those,” Kough, 39, told The News Tribune.

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Kough had opted for the self-endectomy after the birth of her third child because she had “decided her family was complete.” She was then very surprised — to say the least — when she started experiencing early signs of pregnancy.

The Missouri-based mom took a pregnancy test which confirmed her intuitions. In addition to feeling joy, she also felt fear: without fallopian tubes, there was a risk that the fertilized egg was not in her uterus. She went to the doctors who confirmed that the fetus was safe and sound and growing normally. 

Kough and her doctors were curious about how she got pregnant, of course. They were able to review the surgery through ultrasounds and following her caesarian and confirmed the surgery was done correctly. Kough has no fallopian tubes and still somehow delivered a very healthy (and rare!) baby.

Her fourth child, son Benjamin, was born happy and healthy in March.

“He is a beautiful baby. I am exceptionally lucky to have him in my life,” she shared with People. “I have one child leaving the house and one child coming in. It’s hard to explain. I just feel very full of joy. Very, very full. I’m very blessed to have him around. I’m shocked in a great way. I’m shocked and awed.”

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