Mom Held Captive Who Sent Note to School With Daughter Seeking Help Speaks Out

As a mother of two, the mom, whose name has not been made public, did the only thing she could do to get help. In the moments her capture was not around, she would write a note, urging anyone outside of their home to help her and her two children.

Mom Being Held Captive Who Sent Note to School With Daughter Seeking Help Speaks Out

Now, in an exclusive interview with People, the 28-year-old mom is speaking out through her lawyer, Stephen Stubbs. According to Stubbs, the mom used a sticky pad she kept hidden from her abusive boyfriend and prayed that he would never find it. 

As the mom told Stubbs, she “was just trying to survive.” For months, the mom told Stubbs she watched as her boyfriend, Brandon Toseland’s behavior became more and more frightening.

Toseland reportedly began by putting locks on her bedroom door that only a key he kept could open. He put motion sensors inside their home and he was monitor her when she would use the restroom. 

Mom Being Held Captive Who Sent Note to School With Daughter Seeking Help Speaks Out

When they were outside, using their car, she would always be handcuffed to keep her from running off. However, it was during one of those restrained car rides that she discovered a pen and a sticky pad. 

The mom managed to conceal the sticky pad from her boyfriend inside her mattress and would write a few words at a time on it when she had the chance. It was when she was finally able to finish the note that she dreamed of ways to get it into the hands of the right person.

“She thought of situations: ‘What if I had a chance to give a note to a mailman, or a stranger or a pizza man,'” Stubbs explained to People. It was on February 22, 2022, that the mom finally found her opening.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, the mom manage to use her 7-year-old daughter, who handed the note to one of her teachers at school. Stubbs revealed a few of the notes read, “Help! I’m being held captive. Call my mom. He has a gun. Be careful.”

After school officials notified the authorities, law enforcement surveilled Toseland and the mom looking for something that would give them probable cause. Finally, Toseland and the mom left the home and police were able to pull him over for a traffic violation.

“That’s when it was over,” Stubbs told People. Sadly, Las Vegas would make a heartbreaking discovery when searching the boyfriend’s home following his arrest.

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Mom Being Held Captive Who Sent Note to School With Daughter Seeking Help Speaks Out

The remains of the mom’s 4-year-old son, Mason Dominguez, were discovered inside a freezer inside the boyfriend’s garage. At the time, mom told police that Toseland would allow her to go into the garage, but that she haded seen her son since December 11. She told police she suspected her son was deceased.

However, as People reports, it was when Toseland told her she was no longer allowed to see her son she knew she had to do something to save herself and her daughter. While Toseland often searched his house to keep the mother in line, there were two places he never looked, in her mattress and in her daughter’s sock.

Then another miracle happened. On February 20th, Toseland allowed the mother and daughter to sleep together. It was at that moment that the mom “coached her daughter about what to do and how important it was that [Toseland] didn’t know about this and everything else,” Stubbs told People.

Stubbs called the mother “heroic” for being in the horrific and abusive situation she was in to have the mind to pay attention to her boyfriend’s moves and find the gaps in his day to day. “When she identified a flaw, she exploited it with the small acts of rebellion to take her power back, whatever little power she could take.”

Toseland is not the father of her children. The mom was married prior to her relationship with her abuser. Sadly, her husband, Eli Dominguez died of pneumonia in January 2021.

“They were a happy and joyous family, and Eli was salt of the earth, just amazing,” Stubbs told People. “She couldn’t have asked for a better husband.”

Mom Being Held Captive Who Sent Note to School With Daughter Seeking Help Speaks Out

Toseland wasn’t exactly a stranger, he was friends with Eli. And when he died and the mom began struggling to make ends meet, Toseland offered a helping hand. In March 2021, the mom moved into Toseland’s home with her two children.

“He methodically and systematically just started exercising more and more control over her,” Stubbs says. “So the family expressed concern, [and] then they kind of started withdrawing from family a little bit.”

By December 11, 2021, Toseland had forbid her from seeing her son and used her phone to send texts to her family and quit her job.

Toseland has since been charged with two counts of first-degree kidnapping and one count of open murder. It remains in Clark County Jail without bail. He is expected back in court on April 7.

Now, the mom and daughter are with family as they continue to heal from what they have endured. She is also planning a proper funeral for her son, thanks to a GoFundMe account set up for her.

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