Mom Posts Want Ad for Nanny to Dress as Disney Princesses

There are certain qualities most of us look for when trying to find someone to care for our children. It’s not uncommon to look for someone who is responsible, kind, a good driver, trained in first aid, etc. One mother in the UK had a different set of standards for her children’s care.

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According to her want ad, the mom is looking for a nanny to dress as Disney princesses while she works. Yes, there is a couple willing to pay top-dollar for their children’s’ nanny to always dress like a cartoon character.

The mother posted the ad and noted that she had a “slightly unusual” request for her nanny.

Mom needs Nanny to dress like Disney Princess

The post appeared on a childcare website in the UK, In the post, the mother describes her daughters as twins who are “obsessed with Disney.”

“We want to hire someone to look after our children whilst in character as a different Disney princess every month, such as Princess Anna, Moana, Rapunzel and Princess Merida,” she says in the post.

With no sense of irony, the mother notes that the dress code requirement isn’t ‘normal.’ She says she hopes the experience would impart good values on her daughters like the “determination, compassion, fearlessness and ambition from strong yet relatable female role models like Princess Tiana, Princess Anna, Belle and Cinderella.”

The nanny would be required to dress as a princess when picking up the girls from school.

Wanted An for Nanny to Dress Like Disney Princesses

In the post, the mother details her children’s care needs which require the nanny to essentially be superhuman. To start, “We are looking for someone who can commit to a character and create a really fun atmosphere in our home, but also won’t be afraid to be a disciplinarian if the twins are naughty or act out – they can be little terrors at times!”

You don’t say.

The post continues, “The role involves picking the girls up after school, four days a week, arranging a variety of Disney-related activities (arts and crafts, baking, singing, etc.), cooking dinner and potentially putting them to bed if we’re late home from work. The job is part-time, but the right nanny must be willing to work around our busy schedules.”

All things considered, it seems like the busy mom just wants a little magic for her children.

Nanny must dress like Disney Princess

As you can see from the post, the compensation is pretty generous. For the part-time work, the nanny will receive about $50,000 a year, 25 days of vacation, holidays off, and plenty of sick days.

“Again, we know this isn’t exactly a normal job offer, but we think it’s a great opportunity for someone to get really creative and add a little magic to our girl’s lives!” the mother says. Who could fault any mom for wanting more magic in her children’s lives?

The post continues, “So, if there are any Disney-mad nannies out there who’d be able to help us out, please get in touch.” Just let the line, “Disney-mad nannies” sit with you for a moment.

Naturally, the internet had thoughts.

Some people thought it was a cute idea. Most people thought the idea of a Disney-nanny was over the top. After all, who in their right mind would want to care for two five-year-olds in costume and character for an entire day?

One Facebook user thought the kids would be “entitled brats.”

Another person felt similarly, “Dear lord, how are these poor kids going to fare in the real world when they’re older…,” they posted, “In reality is the best way to bring up kids, not a fantasy land!!”

Others thought that having a nanny dressed as beloved Disney characters would ruin Disney characters for the girls. Being disciplined by your favorite Disney princess could, indeed, change the way you feel about her.

One person didn’t have time for the haters and in fact, thought it would be a dream.

One “Disney-mad” nanny, thought it would be her dream job. “How fun life would be,” she said in the post.

Others agreed. We’re not so sure this is the most down-to-earth way to raise kids, but who knows? Maybe that Disney magic would rub off.

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