Is It Okay to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even if My Due Date Falls After the Holiday?

Can a mom-to-be celebrate Mother’s Day this year even if her baby won’t arrive until after May 12?

A member of the community asks:

My kid isn’t due until right after Mother’s Day. Opinions on if I should feel like that holiday is for me yet? I just feel like I’m technically not a mom until after I have the kid, but I know some people feel different about it. Basically, I’m just trying to figure out if I’m about to have my first Mother’s Day or not until next year.

Mamas Uncut Community Member

The responses to this one were pretty unanimous. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

This Is Absolutely Your First Mother’s Day, so Celebrate Away

“You’re a mother at conception! Celebrate the day.”

“You’re a mother right now, the baby just happens to still be inside your womb! Enjoy your first Mother’s Day this year with a quite long soak in the tub, maybe a prenatal massage, take a nice nap, or really anything quiet and for yourself because that baby is about to steal ALL your alone relaxation time!”

“You have been caring for that baby for 9 months already, you’re a mom now!”

“Why of course you should! You’re having a baby. Happy early Mother’s Day!”

“Pregnancy is miserable, especially around your due date… you are most definitely already a mom by that point!”

“You’re still a mommy, and if you don’t feel like celebrating Mother’s Day until next year, have your husband get you a push present. Alot of people do that.”


From Moms Who’ve Been There

“I celebrated last year when I was pregnant with my son.”

“I was pregnant last year for Mother’s Day, and I still celebrated! My hubby called it my Mom-to-Be Day lol.”

“I didn’t technically celebrate it (I had my daughter in July), but I accepted & appreciated people saying it to me.”

“You are definitely still a mother! I celebrated that day when I was pregnant. My thinking on it is that we’re already taking care of the baby by growing it and watching what things we put into our body. You’re already ‘mothering’ it. Of course you can celebrate. Screw the other moms who think you shouldn’t.”


So, in conclusion:

May 12, 2019 is officially the original poster’s first Mother’s Day!

Congrats, Mama!

Of course you can celebrate Mother’s Day, even if the baby hasn’t yet been delivered. You’ve already been working for nine months to grow and nurture your baby-to-be, and this day is for you as much as it is for any mother. So celebrate exactly how you see fit, because you 100 percent deserve it. We hope it’s a memorable first Mother’s Day!

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