Community Question: Should I Have Family in the Delivery Room Even Though My Husband Doesn’t Want Them There?

This mom-to-be’s husband doesn’t want family in the delivery room. Should she be mad?

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A member of our community asks:

Who did you have with you when you gave birth the first time? I thought I might want a few people there but my husband doesn’t. So much that he says if anyone else goes he won’t go. Am I wrong to be upset by this?

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After sharing this question with the Mamas Uncut Facebook community, many people chimed in with really great advice. Here are 9 of our favorite answers.

He Should Understand

“My husband and my mom, the first time. Second baby was just my husband and I. My husband and mom don’t even get along well at all and they sucked it up for me for one day just let him know it’s important to you and you need what you need. He should be able to understand that.”

Harsh But Honestly Not Unfair

“If he won’t witness the birth of his child because you have someone else in there with you then he doesn’t deserve to see your child be born imo.”

Less Is Best

“I personally wouldn’t want anyone else there. But to everyone their own.”

It’s His Baby Too

“Why would you want anyone else besides your Husband there? That’s really weird. And yes your Husband should have a say because it’s also his child being born.”

No Audience Necessary

“Just me and my guy. I didn’t need an audience. I also find it weird when others want to be in the room lol I don’t need people seeing me in pain for feeling sorry for me.”

Special Circumstances for a Special Event

“I’m a firm believer that this is a special event for you and your husband. It shouldn’t be just what you want. Compromise. Do you really not want him there? Are you willing to put just what you want before his?”

Husband Has a Point, But…

“I don’t want anyone there. I see his point, he wants it to be special between you two. Instead of being mature and saying that, he is being dramatic.”

Talk to Him

“He’s being unreasonable, talk to him. For those of you who are telling her it’s up to her, who cares what he says, I’m guessing you are not married!!”

At the End of the Day, It’s Your Day

“Yes. It is you giving birth and not him. Its your day.”

This question certainly seems to have people divided! But everyone makes a fair point. We hope the mama-to-be is able to make the best decision for her and her family.

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