Potty Training: How Do You Get the Smell of Pee Out of Carpets?

A mom just began potty training her daughter, and though things are going well, she wants to know how to get rid of the pee smell that lingers after accidents.

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A member of the Mamas Uncut Facebook community asks:

We are on day four of potty training with only 3 accidents so far and are so excited!! However, I am INCREDIBLY bad at getting the smell of pee pee out of the carpet from the accidents that she did have, lol. What can I use???!! I used a disinfectant spray and it helped a little… but it definitely still smells???

Mamas Uncut Community Member

As always, the Mamas Uncut community was there with some great potential solutions.

Try a New Cleaning Product

OdoBan is the best stuff I’ve found for stubborn odors.”

“Get an enzyme cleaner. Follow directions on the bottle.”

“Try the pet urine remover sprays with enzymes in them. And definitely get or rent a carpet scrubber.”

“I use Woolite Carpet heavy duty traffic. Works really good, smells good, gets all the stink and dirt out, and makes your carpets look amazing.”

“You can buy a product called Urine Gone off Amazon to take the smell out. We’ve had great results, it even takes pee stains off of kids’ mattresses”

Kids and Pets. Stuff is amazing.”


Inexpensive Solutions Using Stuff You Probably Already Have

“The best is the cleaning vinegar from the dollar store. They have regular and lavender.”

“Baking soda and vinegar!”

“A vinegar, warm water, and Dawn dish soap mixture works wonders in our house!”

“We use vinegar, OxiClean, and dawn dish soap in a spray bottle. Works like a charm.”

“Baking soda. Sprinkle it on leave an hour then vacuum up.”

“I stand on the spot on some paper towels to get all the pee out, usually more than once. Then I use OxiClean spray and scrub with a warm washcloth, then dry as much as possible with a dry towel. Never leaves a mark.”


From all of this great advice, we take it that there are a million different products out there that people use to get rid of smells and stains. Perhaps the original poster could try some of the cheaper home remedies first (vinegar and baking soda, etc.), and, if that doesn’t work, try purchasing one of the cleaning products recommended above.

We know you’ve got this, Mama! And we hope your house is soon free of all pee smells.

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