I have Terrible Morning Sickness. How can I Still Show My Husband Love?

I Have Terrible Morning Sickness. How Can I Still Show My Husband Love?

A mom writes in asking for advice. She is currently 5 months pregnant and has terrible morning sickness. She has another child and is really struggling to survive. Her husband has been supportive throughout the whole pregnancy. He takes care of her, the house, and works full-time. She wants to show her husband love despite the morning sickness but can’t find the strength to do anything. Any advice for this mom?

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A member of the community asks:

“I have a small child and am currently 5 months pregnant. I have an extreme case of morning sickness. Which, unfortunately, is not exclusive to only the morning time. All-day long I am weak, have chills, can barely get off the couch. I throw up anything and everything I try to eat. I’ll eat 1 cracker or drink some water and within 5 minutes it’s all coming back up.

Every day I am just trying to make it through the day and take care of my child until my husband gets home. Basically, I’m just trying to survive at this point. Nausea pills the doctors have prescribed haven’t worked and I’m hesitant to take these things after doing more research. Anyways, my husband has been incredible. He grocery shops for us after work. Also, he sends me encouraging text messages telling me how strong I am and this will all be over in a few months. If the laundry isn’t done or the house isn’t perfect, he never gets on me. He helps me with the baby when he gets home. He is so understanding. All he says is he wants me to be okay and hopefully be in a good mood when he gets home.

I try so hard to be a little peppy when he gets home or at least make him feel loved but it’s so hard when all I can think about is me feeling like I’m gonna die. On top of that having hardly any food or water just makes me feel so weak. He’s amazing but I can’t expect him to keep giving and doing all of this stuff for me with nothing in return. Most days I struggle just brushing my hair and putting a little bit of makeup on so I look decent when gets home. I just want my husband to know I love him and am grateful for him despite my morning sickness.

My friends and family have full-time jobs too and work pretty much the same hours as him. People come help me when they can but it’s rare since they are busy too. I need some advice or encouragement because I am really emotional right now. I don’t want this hard time to have a lasting negative impact on my relationship or push him away. 40 weeks of hard times, a cranky wife, and non-stop work would be hard on anyone. Even a great man like him! I’m crying as I write this because I’m so lost and just want to do good for my family. I don’t want to push him away. If I felt halfway decent then I could push through and fake it til I make it but this has been impossible. I really need some encouragement.”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom Struggling with Morning Sickness

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Advice Summary


All of the advice or this mom was very supportive and encouraging. Despite her morning sickness, her husband knows she loves him. Most said that he isn’t going anywhere if he is that supportive of her. One commenter said, “I was the same way with my second and my husband was the same way as yours. If he’s truly understanding then he’s not going to let this ruin your relationship together.”

Some offered advice for her to switch medicines to help with the sickness. One said, “I was in the same boat with this pregnancy, the doctor prescribed Vitamin B-6, more folic acid, Zofran and something else. It helped so much, I was able to take care of my toddler and the house” while another suggested, “you don’t need advice or encouragement you need to switch to a different nausea med. See your doctor and take care of that quickly.”

Others offered encouragement to make it through to the end. One commenter encouraged, “hang in there it won’t last and after it’s all over you can go back to being the amazing mother and wife you once were.” Another suggested, “I’m sorry it’s going so rough. I think since you don’t have the energy to be peppy and stuff, you could write him a note about how much you appreciate what he has done and how he has helped you. Just remember it won’t always be like this.”

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