I Upset My Girlfriend and Now I Don’t Know What to Do: Any Advice?

A dad writes in asking for advice. He upset his girlfriend and now doesn’t know what to do. His girlfriend does everything to take care of their kids and the house. On top of that, she is going to school. One day he wanted her to watch a movie as a family, and she said she had to do homework instead. When he yelled at her, she went to the bathroom hysterical. Any advice for this dad?

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A member of the community asks:

“So I need help. I honestly made a mistake. My girlfriend and I have kids together. We both work and help each other to take care of these kids. My girlfriend works to go to school and take care of the house and all of us. Well, we got into a fight because she was doing something, and I was asking for her attention to join us in watching a movie. She said she’d be a few, but she needs to finish homework and a few house things.

Well, by the time she finished, the kids were asleep, and I got mad. I yelled at her and told her that she should have dropped everything to spend time with the kids and should have finished the homework earlier. Right now she locked herself in the other bedroom, and I heard her crying. I feel like crap because it finally hit me that she deals with everything and never gets a minute to herself. How can I fix this? She’s crying her eyes out and it’s bad enough she doesn’t get enough rest. ’m worried.”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Dad Regretting His Mistake

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Advice Summary


Most advice for this dad was to apologize since he upset his girlfriend, even though he knows that is what he should do. One said, “Just apologize and tell her you wanted to spend some time with her. Make sure she knows you value what she does.” Another commenter agreed, “Just apologize and tell her you overstepped and you were just frustrated because you miss spending time with her. Tell her you do see how much works she does and that you’re proud of her for all that she’s doing.”

Other commenters gave more advice on what he should do to fix his mistake. One shared, “Learn that you can never take back something you say!” Another suggested, “Go clean up the house and do what she does. Write a note, expressing your feelings and give that woman a hug.” Other commenters agreed, “Give her time to herself, help out with chores so she can have time to finish her homework and spend time with the family.”

Some commenters shared similar experiences. One said, “I am also a full-time student and a stay at home mom. Give her a break and literally let her do nothing or anything she wants. Let her leave the house or take your kids out of the house if she wants to stay and give her the freedom to be an individual again. It’s the best break I get and my husband is amazing for doing it.”

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