Mom Breaks Down In Tears After She Says Trolls Urge Her to Kill Her Baby Because of Her Large Birthmark

A mother is speaking out after she says trolls have made vicious remarks regarding their infant daughter’s birthmark.

According to The Sun, 22-year-old Maria Khvostantseva gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Vika. Vika was born with a large birthmark, or congenital melanocytic nevi, that covers most of her back.

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As a result, Khvostantseva says she’s has received cruel remarks from a group of people telling her to kill her child as a result of the harmless birthmark. The mom told The Sun that a priest even refused to baptize Vika because he feared the birthmark was contagious.

Mom Says Strangers Tell Her to Kill Her Baby Because of Large Birthmark

Khvostantseva said in an interview, “I got tons of messages and phone calls from strangers. They were insulting me and urging [me] to kill my baby. A woman said to me by phone, ‘Kill your child! Throw it under a train!’”

The emotional mom said that was only the beginning. At birth, her midwife and pediatrician even made rude comments when Vika was born.

: Russian priest refused to baptize baby girl with huge birthmark saying 'it can be contagious' The unnamed priest 'refused to touch' the six-month-old baby Vika Khvostantseva from Kurgan, Russia80 per cent of the child's body is covered with a birthmark and the priest said: 'it can be contagious'The church spokesperson said: 'We condemn what happened', promising to punish the priest The mother Maria Khvostantseva rarely takes Vika out trying to protect her from people?s judgmentBy Roksana PanashchukA Russian Orthodox priest refused to baptize a baby girl after seeing a huge birthmark on her body.The baby Vika Khvostantseva was born six months ago in the city of Kurgan in south-central Russia.The birthmark covers 80 per cent of the child's body, doctors said.When Vika's mother Maria Khvostantseva, 22, carried her to one of the churches in the city, the local priest refused to baptize the child.The upset mum Maria told to local media: 'The priest did not want to touch Vika. He said, ''The spot can be contagious and I think our congregation won?t understand this''.'According to the mother, the ceremony is held for several families at once and the priest expressed fears that other parents will not agree to join it 'because of the unusual child'.Mikhail Nasonov, a spokesperson for Kurgan Orthodox Church said to local media: 'We plan to conduct an internal investigation following the incident.'The priest in question will face disciplinary action. We condemn what happened.'I am sure if the mother goes to the church again, the ceremony will be held this time.'Maria says she rarely takes her baby daughter out trying to protect her from people's judgment.She said: 'When I delivered Vika, the midwife said, ''She's kind of dirty or what?'', and tried to clean her with a napkin.'People in the street often point their fingers at Vika and laugh. I am very upset because of that.'My baby is beautiful and very much loved by her family. My son says, ''Vika was kissed by the sun''.'The baby Vika was diagnosed with large congenital melanocytic nevi. The condition is dangerous as there is an increased risk for it to develop into melanoma, a serious type of skin cancer.The family is raising funds to prevent the disease, local media said.Pictures Credit: VKNote: VK is a Russian equivalent of Facebook.

“When I gave birth to Vika, the midwife said, ‘She’s kind of dirty or what?’, and tried to clean her with a napkin. A pediatrician advised me to send my baby to an orphanage. People in the street often point their fingers at Vika and laugh. I am very upset because of that.”

Now, as the Daily Mail reports, Khvostantseva avoids taking her child out in public in hopes of protecting her. Nonetheless, she knows her daughter is beautiful just the way she is. “My baby is beautiful and very much loved by her family. My son says, ‘Vika was kissed by the sun.'”

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, “Congenital melanocytic nevi are visible pigmented (melanocytic) proliferations in the skin that are present at birth. CMN are benign, tumor-like malformations resulting from faulty development of pigment cell (melanocyte) precursors in the embryo, and composed of an abnormal mixture of skin elements.”

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NORD explains that while the tumors are benign, it is important to monitor the birthmarks.

The priest who refused to baptize Vika has since been punished for his behavior. Authorities are also looking into the bullying Khvostantseva says they have endured since her birth.

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