Mom Was More than 20 Weeks Pregnant When She Contracted COVID-19, a Month Would Go By Before She Could Meet Her Daughter

At 28-weeks pregnant, Blanca Rodriguez tested positive for COVID-19. As her symptoms progressed, it got harder and harder for Rodriguez to breathe. As a result, Rodriguez’s unborn baby was being put at risk.

Dr. Kanawatjeet Maken talked about the days leading up to the decision to put Rodriguez in a medically-induced coma. During an interview with ABC7, Dr. Maken said, “During the seven days that I had her, there were lots of moments where I thought I had almost lost her.”

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Mom Sees Newborn Daughter for the Very First Time After Waking From a Coma Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Another one of Rodriguez’s doctors, Dr. Courtney Martin, added, “At this point, she is not oxygenating and we have to do something to fix it.” Putting Rodriguez in a coma and having her undergo an emergency c-section was that something.

mom was more than 20 weeks pregnant when she contracted covid-19, a month would go by before she could meet her daughter

As the new mom told ABC7, she was praying that “if God was hearing us, to save my baby and me.” In fact, before she went

After going into the coma, 30 doctors aided in her cesarean section to safely deliver her unborn child. It was days after her child’s birth that Rodriguez woke up to learn about her daughter’s safe arrival. She named the baby girl, Jade.

mom was more than 20 weeks pregnant when she contracted covid-19, a month would go by before she could meet her daughter

However, it would be nearly a month after becoming a mom that Rodiguez would get to meet Jade for the first time after recovering from COVID-19. Because Jade was born so prematurely, she is still in an incubator in the neonatal intensive care unit. Now, the mom is hoping that she will be able to take her little one home in October. “I’m counting those days,” she told NBC.

Now, Rodriguez and her doctors are hoping that by sharing her and Jade’s story it will prompt others to take COVID-19 and the precautionary measures more seriously. “The women who are pregnant — and their unborn babies are innocent bystanders to the pandemic, doctors hope Rodriguez’s story reminds people the pandemic is still very much a threat,” Dr. Martin told NBC.

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“I am grateful they could do all they could do. It is a miracle. It is a blessing,” Rodriguez said of her team of doctors to ABC7.


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