Mom Shares Viral Breast Pump Trick Via TikTok That Prevents Spills And Saves Time!

One mom has cooked up a million-dollar idea via TikTok to bypass the mess that can come with breast pumping and we are asking ourselves why we didn’t think of it first.

Ashley Newton is pleasantly surprising fellow pumping-mamas out there with her new trick and that not only saves time but is waaaaay less messy.

Newton, who goes by UnlicensedToMom, has a slew of parenting tips and tricks but her video that is the most popular by far is gaining the most attention.

Newton is a stay-at-home mom to 3-year-old Eloise and 1-year-old Jude, who spend a lot of her time pumping.

Over the mess — she recently came up with her very own time saver below when it comes to breast pumping.

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Her life hack? Instead of pumping into a breast milk bottle and then transferring the breast milk into a storage bag — Netwon’s stroke of genius was to do away with the propensity for mess altogether.

Newton begins ( as you can see above) places a breast milk storage bag right into one of the baby bottles she would normally pump into. She then tears off the seal of the bag, places it in the bottle, and folds it over the top before screwing on the flange of the breast pump.

And then — she just pumps away! Simple, right?!

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And when Newton is all done — she just unscrews the flange, pulls out the milk storage bag and seals it. No spills here!

While the TikTok was originally shared back in November of 2020 — it seems to have recirculated once more with millions of views and comments praising the mom’s genius life hack.

“It’s a struggle — pumping, nursing and keeping up your supply,” Newton recently told Good Morning America. “I said, ‘Let me share this. There’s got to be someone who can benefit from this little tip.'”

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