UK Mom Sheepish After Discovering Her Boy’s ‘Brain-Eating Worm’

A mom from the UK was embarrassed (but mostly relieved) after she found that her son’s “brain-eating worm” was just a piece of masking tape.

It all happened in November 2019 but the mom is just now going viral after she detailed the ordeal in a Facebook post.

Mom Sheepish After Discovering Her Boy’s ‘Brain-Eating Worm’
Image via Facebook

“I wasted the doctor’s time,” wrote Gemma Tyson, 39, along with a snap of the “parasite” that she had pulled from her child’s ear.

It all started when her son, Ashton, 10, came to her complaining about an “itchy ear.”

At first, she thought it “was a big ball of wax,” until Tyson realized whatever it was, kept coming out and out and out.

Mom Sheepish After Discovering Her Boy’s ‘Brain-Eating Worm’
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“It was like a sticky/waxy texture that you couldn’t pull apart” noted the aghast mother of three, who thought, “Oh my God, he has a giant worm in his ear.”

At this point, Tyson checked into the medical center right away. But doctors were unable to help as they were not sure what it was either — so they sent it to the lab for testing.

“I left still freaking out thinking my child had worms in his ears,” mother continued.

Mom Sheepish After Discovering Her Boy’s ‘Brain-Eating Worm’
Image via Shutterstock

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A few hours later, Ashton stated: “I wonder if it’s the tape I put in my ear the other week as I couldn’t get that out.”

The boy had rolled up a piece of masking tape into his ear and did not tell his parents until after the doctor’s appointment …. of course.

But despite the embarrassment, Tyson said she was “was relieved it wasn’t a worm.”

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