Mom Used Her Body to Protect Her Baby From Bullet-Like Hail — People Call Her a Real-Life ‘Wonder Woman’

An Australian mom was deemed “one of the many real-life Wonder Women” for using her body to shield her infant during a dangerous storm.

While driving home with her 78-year-old grandmother, Fiona Simpson’s mom’s instinct kicked in when the destructive power of a hailstorm in Queensland rained down large hail, ABC Australia reported.

Simpson thought her 4-month-old baby, Clara, was going to die, so she pulled over and jumped in the backseat after a hailstone blew out her car window.

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Simpson told ABC:

“All this rain starts coming in, and the back window where my daughter was was just open … it’s gone.

It was so scary but there was no time to be afraid … It just all happened so fast.”

She knew that if she didn’t cover Clara, the infant could get fatally injured —the 23-year-old had to act fast. The mom said:

“I jumped over the back seat, over her car seat, holding my body over hers.

I looked down and I could see she was screaming but I couldn’t even hear her, that’s how loud it was.”

As the storm intensified, another car window was shattered. Simpson told Cafemom that her car was pummeled by hail the size of tennis balls and that her whole body suffered from bruising.

She said the worst part of the storm only lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to severely damage her car and require an emergency visit to the hospital. She recalled:

“It wasn’t until I got in the ambulance that I realized that if I didn’t do that she [her baby] could have been seriously hurt or killed, anything could have happened.”

Simpson told ABC that by the time paramedics arrived, most of her body was “numb” and covered with “significant bruising.”

Photos of Simpson’s bruised body were posted on social media to alert others about the dangers of driving in a hailstorm, and people couldn’t stop praising the mom for her act of heroism:

Many wished Simpson and her daughter a fast recovery.

The mother told Cafemom that she appreciates the outpouring of love and concern.

Learn more about how the mother used her body as a human shield to save her baby. Watch the video below:

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