Mom Wakes From 10 Day Medically Induced Coma After Contracting COVID-19, She Also Learns She Pregnant With Twins

Mom Wakes From 10 Day Medically Induced Coma After Contracting COVID-19, She Also Learns She Pregnant With Twins

After contracting COVID-19, a mom from Belfast, Northern Ireland was rushed to a nearby hospital at nine weeks pregnant. According to the Metro, 32-year-old Danielle Martin was originally diagnosed with pneumonia before tests revealed she was actually battling coronavirus.

As a result of COVID-19, Martin was placed into a medically induced coma. And it was while she was in the hospital fighting for her life that doctors learned Martin and her husband were just expecting one child, but two, the Metro reports.

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Martin’s first symptoms were sore throat and later a bad chest cold. Eventually, when it got to the point where she could barely breathe, the expectant mom was originally diagnosed with severe pneumonia on March 30.

As the mom told the Metro when it started to feel like she was “suffocating” Martin’s husband, Bryan, decided it was time to call an ambulance. She called that particular moment in her life as “terrifying.”

“I felt bad leaving my boys but I knew it was for the best,” Martin said they did scans and diagnosed me with severe pneumonia. “I was put on a ventilator which helped and I was managing – I was struggling to breathe and talk – it was terrifying.”

As Martin’s oxygen levels began to drop, doctors made the decision to put Martin in a medically induced coma. They also told Bryan at the time that because Martin was only in the early stages of pregnancy, odds were their baby wouldn’t survive.

“It is crazy how quick things can take a turn for the worse,” Bryan told the Metro. “One day Danielle was sending me photos telling me about the toast she is eating in hospital and then the next she is in ICU. The doctor rang to say her oxygen had dropped and she’s been put into an induced coma – I was devastated and worried sick.”

Mom Wakes From 10 Day Medically Induced Coma After Contracting COVID-19, Learns She’s Expecting Twins

Yet, despite being worried sick, Bryan knew he had to be brave and strong for their three sons he was caring for at home. “I had to put on a brave face and reassure them she will be fine and be home in no time.”

Then after many hopes, prayers, and thanks to the medical team caring for Martin, 10 days after being placed into the medically induced coma, Martin awoke from it. It was then that she learned her unborn child had survived and also that that unborn child had a twin sibling who also survived.

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‘I was in disbelief when they told me about the twins,” Martin said. “It was the cherry on top of the cake knowing I had beat coronavirus and have twins on the way! It is a random way to find out you’re expecting two babies but at least we will be able to remember something good about this horrible time.”

Now Bryan has started a fund and his hoping to raise money for the hospital and medical personnel that saved his wife and unborn children’s lives. Amazing.

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