Mom Who Gets Kicked Off Flight Over 2-Year-Old’s Face Mask Goes On Vacation Sans Kid

Earlier in the month, a mom made headlines after she posted a clip of her getting kicked off a United Airlines flight that went viral.

At the time, Eliz Orban claimed she and her husband were treated unfairly by the flight crew who requested the couple to exit the plane when their child refused to wear a mask. But in the days that followed, the story began a debate about the realities of traveling with young children during a pandemic.

But it now seems there is more to Orban’s original story than first reported and people are in arms about it. The story first began on December 11 when the family boarded a flight from Denver.

Orban, her husband, and their 2-year-old daughter were bound for Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, and planned to stay in nearby New York City for the holiday, where they would visit such famed sites as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

But before the plane even left the runway, Orban insisted the flight crew was out of line and their holiday was canceled.

“We just got kicked off the flight because our 2-year-old would not put on a mask,” Orban said in a tearful video, which later went viral on Twitter.

Mom Who Got Kicked Off Flight Just Went On Vacation
Image via Instagram

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Parts of the plane incident were included in the clip, which Orban later edited together, which now seem misleading. In the clip, Orban expresses her shock and anger over the whole incident.

In addition, the couple has since decided to go travel yet again, but this time to Palm Beach, Florida.

That being said, it remains unclear if the trip was for business or pleasure; in her post, Orban says she “can’t disclose” the reason for the trip yet.

Orban later on informs fans how she was upset she could be there with her child.

Mom Who Got Kicked Off Flight Just Went On Vacation
Image via Instagram

“It breaks our heart that we couldn’t bring our daughter,” Orban explained in her December 16 post.

“We tried calling the airlines and couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone and we could honestly just not go through again what we went through on Friday. Just driving to the airport today was super triggering.” ⁣That being said, she insisted how her daughter was “in the best hands at home” and that “as hard as it is that she’s not here, knowing how much love she is surrounded by gives us so much peace.”

She instead flew Delta Airlines, which she tagged in her post. Orban revealed how “a friend” reached out after seeing her story, and offered the couple seats in the “boujiest” first class she’d ever experienced.

Mom Who Got Kicked Off Flight Just Went On Vacation
Image via Instagram

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Orban says she still feels “humiliated, traumatized, and triggered” by what happened but also feels grateful for the amount of support she’s received from people who also disagree with how the airline went about things.

“For all the people calling us morons for traveling in a pandemic, please slide to the next picture posted BY @united and remember there are hundreds of thousands of people flying every single day — but if it makes you happy to single us out, then whatever floats your boat,” she added in her December 16 post caption.

“No matter what’s going on in the world right now and no matter how much hate or negativity comes my way, I will CHOOSE to have joy and peace in my heart because my God is great and because I have free will in choosing how I respond to things,” the influencer shared in a post. “Count your blessings, operate in gratitude, and watch your mood, attitude, and outlook on life.”

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