The Moment a Mother’s Heart Melted When She Found Out Her Disabled Child Isn’t Treated Differently At School

In a world where disabled children often struggle to thrive in a school setting, it’s more important than ever to ensure our schools practice inclusivity and teach students to treat everyone equally – even those that are disabled. While many schools fail at this, there’s one school that appears to be setting an example. 

Last week, one mother took to TikTok to share a touching and heartwarming moment she witnessed when picking up her son – Jack Widbin – from school. Jack, who has cerebral palsy, isn’t treated like a disabled child at his school. Instead, his classmates treat him like any other student and are quick to embrace him. 

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that impact an individual’s ability to move, maintain balance, and maintain posture – roughly 1,200-1,500 schoolchildren are diagnosed with the disorder every year. As a result of his condition, Jack is confined to a wheelchair to help him move around as freely as possible. 

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In the TikTok video, which was posted to The Wibdin Family account, Jack’s mother had just arrived at the school to pick Jack up when she saw several of his classmates hugging her son and giving him some much-needed attention. She was blown away and relieved at how inclusive his classmates were being. 

“My heart just melted at my son’s school pickup,” she wrote in the text overlay – with three children circling around Jack, one of which gave Jack a big hug. “They follow an inclusive model. They don’t see him as different… To them he’s just their Jack Buddy,” she continued – also sharing a photo of the boys. 

Many people took to the comments section with their own observations. “This just proves that hate isn’t there when we’re born, it’s taught by parents and those around us growing up. He’s such an adorable kid,” said one user, while others expressed joy that her son had friends that truly cared about him. 

“How we all should be what a beautiful world this will be, we can learn so much from the younger generations,” another comment read. The video was posted a week ago and has already amassed more than 30,000 views, nearly 4,000 likes, and roughly 200 comments – what a beautiful moment captured!

Watch This Video of a Disabled Teenager Being Surprised By Her Friends 

Back in 2020, Ashley Crisp took to Twitter to share the moment her 15-year-old sister was surprised on her birthday by two of her friends that drove nearly three hours to spend some time with her. Her sister’s name is Kiley and she has William’s Syndrome, which may result in a delay in cognitive development. 

In the video, Kiley is dancing and vibing to a song playing in a restaurant when she’s cued to look to her side. When she turns her head, she sees two of her friends – who she met while at a church camp – walk in. It was quite a surprise, considering they lived several hours away and usually only talk on the phone.

“My sister Kiley has Williams Syndrome & sometimes has trouble making friends her age. She met the most amazing girls @ church camp last summer, problem is they live 3 hours away. They call her every day & make her feel so loved. Today they surprised her for her 15th birthday,” Ashley wrote in the caption. 

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Kiley immediately breaks out into tears as her friends comfort her and wish her a happy birthday. The video goes to show just how much these friendships mean to a disabled child and how just one friend can completely change their entire mood. Her father can be heard saying, “You just made her year,” in the background.

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