Moms Reveal What It’s Really Like To Give Birth After Viral TikTok

A viral TikTok clip that went viral a few days ago regarding the pain of childbirth has inspired many mothers to speak out on Twitter about what it’s really like to give birth.

The radical honesty about women’s medical history sparked a conversation — which then led the word “childbirth” to trend on Twitter.

Moms Reveal What It's Like To Give Birth After Viral TikTok
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While it is vital for parents to share their life-changing experiences — it also reduces the taboo belief of women and parents asking about their painful experiences and attempting to tackle if they are normal or not.

After the two moms began a conversation about what they experienced after pregnancy — moms across Twitter shared their own birth stories.

The video starts with one mom revealing what exactly freaked her out about labor and went off from there.

Moms Reveal What It's Like To Give Birth After Viral TikTok
Image via Shutterstock

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One mom responded to the video with her own — revealing her own terrifying story as the stigma of childbirth is not brought up.

“After I delivered my first baby and came home, I had to have my first bowel movement, which is scary all by itself. But, it was successful,” the mom says.

She began to describe experiencing placenta infection and a uterus prolapse in phenomenal medical, and unapologetic detail.

This prompted many others to chime in with their experience.

Moms Reveal What It's Like To Give Birth After Viral TikTok
Image via Shutterstock

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It began when a Twitter user asked the general public about the most painful thing that had ever happened to them, to which many mothers answered, saying:

“Childbirth. I thought I was going to die. Had my first child with no drugs. Screamed for an epidural with the second child.”

“Delivering my 10lb son, my 9.1lb son, my 9.4lb son, my 8.10lb daughter. Oh and a toothache that made it impossible to eat for weeks. But I think the labour thing was pretty hard.”

“Childbirth. Much worse than the leg with both the tibia and fibia broken and out of place; worse than kidney stones. And went on for 48+ hours and then ended with 14 stitches in a place you do not want stitches.”

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