Australia’s Top Baby Names for 2022 Finally Revealed: See How They Compare to the US

New data from Down Under has just been released, revealing Australia’s top 20 baby names for 2022. The data was collected by a research company called McCrindle. In addition to the most popular names, they also shared some keen insights about baby name trends they identified in 2022. One of the biggest trends was parents choosing unique spellings for established names. Another is the use of gender-neutral baby names. Both trends are also alive and well in the US today.

We have the top 10 baby names for girls and boys to share with you. We will compare how these names ranked in Australia and the US to understand better how similar baby names are in the two countries. It’s an exhilarating time to become a parent, as baby names are more diverse than ever before. Adventurous namers are turning to more audacious and rare options, which really does help break up the ubiquity of so many baby appellations. Throw those sunnies on, mate! It’s time to dig into these popular baby names!

Most Popular Baby Names for Girls in Australia for 2022

10. Willow

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

The tenth most popular name for girls in Australia in 2022 was Willow. The appellation is more prevalent in other majority English-speaking countries than in the US, not just in Australia but also in the UK, Canada, and Scotland. Willow names an elegant tree. In the US, the name ranked 37th in 2022.

9. Grace

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Grace is a timeless virtue name that is also beloved in the US. It has been in the top 500 most popular names for girls here since records began in 1880. In 2022, Grace ranked as the 35th most given name in the US.

8. Ella

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Vintage charmer Ella has been a favorite in Australia, where it is given to more babies than in any other majority English-speaking countries. Ella is a multicultural appellation found in English, German, Hebrew, and Scandinavian naming traditions. Thus, the name has many potential meanings, including “all,” “fairy maiden,” and “goddess.” In the US, the name ranks as the 25th most given option.

7. Matilda

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

In the US, Matilda is on an upward swing, but it pales in comparison to popularity in most countries. The Australians have a particular affinity for Matilda as it is the country where the name is most popular today. Matilda comes from German and means “mighty in battle.” While it ranks seventh Down Under, it is 415th in the US!

6. Ava

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Over the past two decades, Ava has enjoyed its most popular years ever in the US. In 2022, it took the seventh spot. That means that the name is almost evenly as popular in Australia as it is stateside. Ava is an appellation found in various naming traditions, including Latin, Hebrew, and German. There are a few potential meanings that include “bird,” “life,” and “island.”

5. Mia

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

In Italian, Mia means “mine.” Across Scandinavia, the name is a diminutive form of Mary, meaning “bitter.” Mia gained traction in the US in the early aughts and has enjoyed its most popular years since then. It ranked as the eighth most popular choice in 2022, making the name almost equally popular in the US as in Australia.

4. Olivia

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Since 2019, Olivia has been the number one most popular given name in the US. Parents love its sophisticated sound and nature-inspired meaning. It was the top baby name in England and Scotland as well in 2022. Olivia is a name of Latin origin that means “olive tree.”

3. Isla

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Isla is more popular than ever in the US, ranking 33rd last year. The baby name belongs to a Scottish river, and in Spanish, the name means “island.” While growing in popularity in the states, the name is far more prevalent in its native Scotland, England, and, as you can see, in Australia as well. It was actually the most-given baby name in New Zealand in 2022.

2. Amelia

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Amelia is not just a cherished baby name in Australia and the US. The name is exceedingly popular internationally, from Sweden to Chile. This gorgeous appellation is of German origin and means “work” and “industrious.” The baby name ranked fourth in the US last year.

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1. Charlotte

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Charlotte is more prevalent in Australia, New Zealand, and the US than it is in the UK or even its native France. The French root of this name means “little Charles” and “free man.” While it was the number one name in Australia last year, it ranked third in the US. With the popularity of the Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, this baby name will likely continue to enjoy its time in the sun.

Most Popular Baby Names for Boys in Australia for 2022

10. Luca

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Luca landed in the top 1000 in the US for the first time in 2000 and has enjoyed a meteoric rise since then. It ranked as the 28th most popular given name for boys in 2022. The name is popular across Europe as well. Luca is a name of Latin/Italian origin that means “man from Lucania.”

9. Charlie

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Something that parents in the UK and Australia tend to do more often than their counterparts in the States is to choose nickname names. Harry, Alfie, Archie, and the like are exponentially more popular in the UK and Australia. Charlie is yet another one of these names that are beloved Down Under. In 2022, Charlie ranked 178th in the US.

8. Hudson

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Hudson is more prevalent in the US than ever, ranking 27th last year. Hudson is uniquely popular in Australia and New Zealand, outranking any other country. The name is of English origin and means “son of Hugh.”

7. Theodore

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Theodore is also more popular than ever before in the US, in the tenth spot last year. The baby name is also popular in England and New Zealand today. This Greek appellation means “gift of God.”

6. Jack

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Jack was the number one baby name for boys in Ireland last year, where it is currently the most popular. In the US, the appellation has historically performed exceptionally well. In 2022, it ranked fifteenth here. Jack is an English name, a form of John, with a Hebrew root that means “God is gracious.”

5. Henry

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

A timeless classic, Henry, had its most popular year ever in the US last year, ranking in seventh place. This name has been a favorite among British royalty for generations. It appears the Australians have an affinity for this one as well. Henry comes from a German root that means “estate ruler.”

4. William

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

For 400 years, William has been second only to John as the most popular name in the English-speaking world. It has been in the top 20 in the US since records began in 1880. William ranked sixth last year in the US. William comes from a German root that means “resolute protector.”

3. Leo

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Leo ranked higher than ever before in the US in 2022. It was the 22nd most given name for boys. The name is actually more prevalent in all other majority English-speaking countries. It can also be heard across Europe, and in Finland, it was the number-one choice last year. Leo comes from Latin and means “lion.”

2. Noah

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

In the US, Noah was dethroned from the top spot in 2017. As in Australia, Noah is the second most popular baby name for boys. In England, Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland, it was the top name in 2022. This evocative and storied appellation is of Hebrew origin and means “rest.”

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1. Oliver

Australia's Top Baby Names for 2022

Oliver has never taken the number-one spot in the US but has been in the top ten for many years. Last year, it ranked third here. It’s the top pick in New Zealand and Australia but is also a beloved choice across Europe and beyond. Oliver comes from a Latin root that means “olive tree.”

How do you think the Aussies did? Do you love any of these baby names? We hope you learned a bit about Australian baby name trends and the appellations that are both big there as well as in the US. As you’ve seen, there is a great deal of overlap. If you are currently searching for the perfect name, we wish you the best of luck on your journey. Mamas Uncut has a new Baby Name Generator that could be useful. We hope you check it out!

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