Grimes Says Her Son Calls Her By First Name: ‘Being A Mother Feels Weird To Say’

Grimes says son X Æ A-Xii, 16-months, calls her by her first name.

In a new Vogue video following the musician getting ready for the 2021 Met gala, Grimes—whose full name is Claire Elise Boucher—revealed that she doesn’t identify with the title “mom” and she believes her son can sense her “distaste” for the word.

“I think having a baby was a big rebirth for me, like, artistically,” she said in the clip via People.

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“Being a mother feels weird to say. For some reason I don’t identify with that word. Which is also really weird because X, he says ‘Claire,’ but he doesn’t say ‘mama’—which is so…I’m like, ‘How are you…?’ Like, maybe he can sense my distaste for the word mother.”

Grimes added, “I don’t even know why I have a distaste for [the word] because I respect…I just, I don’t, I can’t identify with it, weirdly.”

Grimes and boyfriend Elon Musk welcomed their first child together in early May 2020. Originally, their son’s name was announced as X Æ A-12, but it was then changed to X Æ A-Xii in accordance with California law.

“Roman numerals. Looks better tbh,” Grimes wrote on Instagram later that month. 

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While Grimes calls her son “X” throughout the Vogue video, Musk divulged the full pronunciation on a podcast with Joe Rogan.

“It’s just X, the letter X. And then the Æ is, like, pronounced ‘ash.’ And then A-12 is my contribution,” he said. “Archangel-12, the precursor to the SR-71, coolest plane.”

And when X was first born, Grimes also shared the meaning of her son’s name in a tweet: “•X, the unknown variable •Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence) •A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent + (A=Archangel, my favorite song) (metal rat).”


SHINIGAMI eyes is finally done and you all get the first listen !!!! Show me your content (might still b sum changes but video is almost done) #italy

♬ Shinigami Eyes – Grimes

X Æ A-Xii, has made rare appearance to TikTok during a family vacation.

The clip gives a sneak peek of Grimes’ new song “Shinigami Eyes” and also features artwork to a family vacation in Italy where X Æ A-Xii can be seen dawning checkered shorts, a blue t-shirt and blonde hair. 

“SHINIGAMI eyes is finally done and you all get the first listen,” she captioned the video. “Show me your content (might still b sum changes but video is almost done) #italy.”

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