What Should I Do About My Mother-In-Law Who Keeps Posting Photos of My Husband…And His Ex

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QUESTION: My mother-in-law keeps posting photos of my husband and his ex: Advice?

“My husband and I have been together since 2012 and married since 2013. We are both happy, and we are doing great.. but my mother-in-law keeps posting pics of my husband and his ex’s and different times in his teenage years.. and writing look at my son and his girlfriend at the time! They look so happy! Just stuff like in general, and IDK why but I’m really ticked off about it.

Am I overreacting? Like it doesn’t really bother him because he says I had to kiss a few toads to find my princess, and if it bothers you that bad, I’ll say something. They don’t have a great relationship, to begin with, haven’t really talked to each other since Dec. 9th, not because of my husband. He’s tried making phone calls, but she’s active in social media and won’t answer the door if he tries to go over and spend time with her…”

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What Should I Do About My Mother-In-Law Who Keeps Posting Photos of My Husband...And His Ex

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“Honestly, your mother-in-law is probably doing it to be petty and get a rise out of you. She probably isn’t worth it since she is blatantly ignoring him. Keep your head up. It’s one of those instances that you have to pick and choose your battles. If she said something directly about you then maybe that would be a reason to say something. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Social media isn’t life. So I wouldn’t worry. Your mother-in-law could be doing it as a way to get at you. That way blame you for their strained relationship. Just a guess based on what you said. If I were you I’d unfollow. Not block or unfriend. That way you don’t see it.”

“You’re not overreacting. I’d have him say something to your mother-in-law. Otherwise, just remove her from your social media. She’s just being plain rude.”

“Since your husband says he is willing to address the issue with your mother-in-law then let him. If the behavior continues after that then block/unfriend her.”

“He can talk to your mother-in-law all he wants but it won’t change anything so just block her. If she hasn’t accepted you by now I highly doubt she ever will sad to say.”

“My mother-in-law is much the same, worse even. She hung them in her home from his previous wedding day as well. While we were living with her!!! Honey, it’s simple, this woman doesn’t respect you and she’s trying to get a rise out of you. Let me give you my best advice… IGNORE THE HELL OUT OF HER!

These people keep saying it will stop, but they’re wrong. It never stops, it just gets worse. You’ll spend a lifetime arguing with her if you don’t just ignore it. She’s petty, let her be and stay above it. I haven’t spoken to mine in almost 6 years, she still tries to get a rise out of me every chance she gets, including at her own mother’s funeral. Just stay above it, you’ll thank me later.”

“How about just “unfollow” your mother-in-law on social media.. not unfriend or block. That way you don’t see the things that she may post. Your husband is just that… YOUR husband and he isn’t posting these things. Ignore and enjoy your family.”

“No, you’re not overreacting. Your mother-in-law’s on to something and is probably trying to hurt him for some reason. She knows that she can cause a fight because you will eventually get ticked off about it. I would do reverse psychology on her. I would love those pics and put nice comments on them. Give her a taste of her medicine. It’ll piss her off more.”

“Seriously, don’t give her the attention she seeks. Obviously, she’s unhappy with her life choices and misery loves company. Pray for her.”

“I can’t say this enough… it is OKAY to cut toxic people out of your life and that includes family. If you don’t want to do that then you’re going to have to not let her get under your skin. I would comment on the pictures about how handsome your hubby was then, love the image etc. Just to irritate her.”

“I’d post yall’s pictures under it and say this is how happy he currently is.”

“I wouldn’t pay it any mind. She clearly wants a response if she keeps doing it over and over. Take some pictures of you and your husband, post them captioning like, “forever together” I think she just wants to be in control, and since she’s not she’s trying to take you out of your character. I wouldn’t socialize or mess with her anymore. Her true colors have been revealed. Don’t be ugly back, just be honest. If yall are happy, show it off..that’s the best revenge”

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