Believe It or Not, This Story About a Woman Wearing a White Dress to Her Daughter-in-Law’s Wedding Has a Very Happy Ending

There’s a certain etiquette regarding what you should and should not wear to someone else’s wedding, and not wearing white tops that list. Some wedding attendees have different ideas about what’s appropriate, though. Amy Pennza from Kirtland, OH recently shook the Twitterverse when she shared a picture of her mother-in-law at her wedding wearing… what looks exactly like a white wedding dress.

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Pennza shared the picture after Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked fans to share their wedding fails. The picture shows Pennza in a beautiful (white) wedding dress standing next to her mother-in-law, who is… also wearing a long white dress. Amy captioned the photo: “My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail @jimmyfallon.”

Mother-in-Law Wears White Dress to Daughter-in-Law’s Wedding: A Surprising Explanation

The tweet went viral on Twitter and received many, many responses from followers wondering how Pennza felt about the perceived faux pas.

A few hours later, Pennza shared more context about the perceived slight, noting she didn’t know what her MIL was planning to wear and didn’t think to ask. Overall, she was more shocked than angry. She noted, though, that her MIL grew up in extreme poverty and was renowned for her extreme money-saving methods, which happens to explain the choice of dress.

In Summation

Pennza’s mother-in-law saw the white dress on an incredible discount and couldn’t pass it up. Pennza shared that her MIL is extremely generous and did not wear white out of spite or to be cruel. She noted, “Sure, she wore a white dress to my wedding. But she has more than made up for it since.”

Pennza ended the story by saying she and her husband have indeed lived happily ever after despite the memorable wedding moment.

What a strange and happy story! And it comes with an important lesson: Behind all of those viral photos we all see every day, there is usually a story about real people with real lives. It’s something to think about the next time you see a funny photo posted out of context.

What do you think of the mother-in-law who wore a wedding dress to her daughter-in-law’s wedding? Sound off in the comments!

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