What is the recovery like for a tubal?

I recently had an emergency c section. Due to the religious views of the hospital, I gave birth at my dr could not do a tubal ligation at the time of birth. I have to go to an outpatient center to have it done. My recovery was rough from the c section, and I’m worried now about the tubal ligation and the recovery time. I have a newborn, toddler, and three school-age children. My husband works 60+ hours a week, and I’m a SAHM. I don’t want any more kids, so I’m just looking for tips/and insight on the procedure and recovery time. Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.

I am not a fan of my husbands friend: Advice?

My husband started reconnecting with a childhood friend. When my husband sent him a message, he got weird responses like “what do you want?” Not really what you’d expect from an old friend. This is where it gets strange. My husband gets a friend request from a fake account that I found out is this old friend. He was added and quickly deleted. After my husband mentioned he’d recently gotten out of prison, I did some digging, and he has a LONG record. He beat up two girlfriends, has charged for theft and intimidation, and a long history of drug use. I brought it up to my husband that this guy seems like a bad guy, and he said: “No, I grew up with him.” We’re talking 30+yrs since they were best friends. I don’t feel like this guy is a good company to keep, but I don’t want to flat out say, “well, you aren’t going to be friends, and that’s that!” But my husband is special needs…so getting him to understand is rough. IDK what to do or say without hurting his feelings. I just don’t want him to end up ruining everything we’ve built together Anonymous Community …

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