Musician Ezra Furman Comes Out as Transgender, Says Motherhood Is ‘Beautiful and Holy’

Chicago-based musician Ezra Furman said that she identifies as a trans woman and has been a mom for over two years. The singer/songwriter came out recently and revealed her truth to fans in a touching and thoughtful social media post.

In the post, Furman said that she’s “been afraid” to come out as a trans mom, fearing judgment from others.

Ezra Furman Identifies as a Trans Woman and Mom, the Musician Announced Along with Photos and a Heartfelt Message.

“I wanted to share with everyone that I am a trans woman, and also that I am a mom and have been for a while now (like 2+ years),” she wrote. “About being a trans woman: for my own reasons I have been hesitant to use these words, especially the ‘woman’ word. I have often described myself as non-binary, which maybe is still true (I’m just gonna sit with that question for the moment).”

“But I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a woman, and yes for me it’s complex, but it’s complex to be any sort of woman,” she continued. “I am very proud to be a trans woman and to have come to know it and be able to say it. This has not been an easy journey.”

Musician Ezra Furman Comes Out as Transgender, Says Motherhood Is ‘Beautiful and Holy’
Ezra Furman / Instagram

The singer went on to discuss the “magic of parenthood” and despite loving being a mom, Furman said she feared coming out as one.

“About being a mom: there’s enough said in public about the magic of parenthood,” Furman wrote. “It is beautiful and holy and I love it—that’s all on that subject. I have not yet mentioned in public that I’m a parent because I have been afraid of being judged and grilled about it as if it’s anyone’s business other than mine and my family’s.”

Musician Ezra Furman Comes Out as Transgender, Says Motherhood Is ‘Beautiful and Holy’
Ezra Furman / Instagram

The artist said she’d decided to open up about her journey as a parent now “for a specific reason.”

“Because one problem with being trans is that we have so few visions of what it can look like to have an adult life, to grow up and be happy and not die young,” she explained. “When our baby was born I had approximately zero examples that I had seen of trans women raising children.”

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“So here’s one for anyone who wants to see one. I’m a trans woman and a mom. This is possible. I never dreamed it was possible to be happy and self-realized and trans and uncloseted, and also become a parent. But it is and I am doing it. Because trans people deserve to pursue the lives we want, on our terms.”

“That’s all for now. More music to come before long,” Furman shared.

Ezra Furman released her most recent album, Twelve Nudes, in 2019.

Her song “Love You So Bad” was featured in the first season of Netflix’s Sex Education. Last year, she wrote, “Every Feeling” for the show’s second season.

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As Furman noted in her message to fans, there is little media representation of trans women having children and starting a family. This is unacceptable considering that there are so many trans parents in the US. According to a study published by the Williams Institute UCLA, “between one quarter and one-half of transgender people report being parents. In the U.S. general population, 65% of adult males and 74% of adult females are parents.” 74%!

It’s a huge step for this indie darling to come out and show the world what a trans mom looks like today. Ezra, you go girl!

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