I Need Suggestions on the Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas (I’ve Tried Everything): Advice?

A mom writes in looking for help getting rid of fleas. Her two-year-old is getting bitten at night in his bed. It seems that no one else is getting bites except her baby. What can she do?

A member of the community asks:

I have a son who’s almost 2 and a half years old now. Back in early November, we noticed bites on his leg, thought nothing of it because we still had mosquitoes at this point that would fly in our room when we’d open the window so we thought harmless… Since then, more and more bites have appeared all month spreading from his legs to his feet, to his back and his bum.

There’s no hospital in the small town where we live, just a clinic, so we took him to Emergency. The doctor-nurse took a look at the bites (MIND YOU HE’S THE ONLY ONE STILL TO THIS DAY THATS BEING BIT) and had no idea what kind of bites they could be since he was the only one being bit?? She called another child nurse who has children of his own who she said WOULD know what type of bites they were. He had no idea since he was the only one being a bit too AT THE TIME we had lots of puppies ready to be rehomed so my mother in law said they could be fleas… well well well. When I was putting my son down for his nap I stayed in bed (the only place we’ve noticed he bites is in his sleep in a bed) I had the sudden urge to flash my phone light at him to take a look, and there it was: a FLEA on his face.

So we thought FINALLY we found out what it is and can finally get busy with trying to get rid of the fleas and get proper creams for his bites. We sold our puppies that are all gone, no more house pets. We washed everything in the room, including the curtains. We sprayed down the WHOLE room with flea spray and did the same to his own room even though he doesn’t sleep in there, and the living room. Changed the sheet, sprayed the mattresses and bedding. We got the medicine he needed for his bites and cleaned them every single day. We put band-aids on his bites, which are A LOT from his legs to the back of his neck, so he won’t scratch them and keep reopening them. We put long-sleeved PJs, so its harder for him to get at his bites.

As soon as some heal, it seems more pop up? WHY why just him? Like I said, His father and I aren’t biting ANYWHERE. We have a flea trap in the room more flea powder around the room, and he still wakes up today with four new bites I FEEL HELPLESS and stressed. On top of being pregnant right now, I’m getting so sad seeing him wake up crying every night because he gets itchy. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO? We have talked to some people about getting an exterminator here, but since we live in such a small town, it won’t be for another few weeks until they can make a trip here. I feel like I’m failing my son when I’m I’m the one who’s to be protecting him and nothing we do is working please no rude comments I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF ANYONE HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN IN THEIR FAMILY WHERE ONLY ONE PERSON WAS BEING TARGETED AND WHAT WORKED TO GET RID OF THE FLEAS.

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Community Advice For The Mom Looking For Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

Fan QuestionHow can we get rid of fleas: Help?I have a son he’s almost 2 and half years old now. Back in early…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Thursday, January 2, 2020

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Advice Summary

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The Community had many different ways that they used to get rid of fleas. Then there were a few questions about whether this could be bed bugs. You can read some of these responses below.

“I understand that you saw a flea…. but how can you be positive that what he has is flea bites especially considering all you have done to rid the house of them and he is the only one being “bitten”. Could he be having an allergic reaction to something in the house, something he is ingesting, or even laundry detergent? Has he had all of his vaccines (mumps, chickenpox, etc)
Has he had any other symptoms aside from what looks like bites (fever, loose stool, appetite change, sleep change, etc)? How can you be sure it’s fleas and not another bug like bed bugs?

“Go and get 100% rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle put half the alcohol and half water spray around the house in every room and keep repeating every day for a week keep vacuuming every day and if you have a bagged vacuum, spray the inside of the bag and throw out once you’re done. If you have a bagless, wash the canister out with hot water. They will go to your little one if he is allergic to flea bites good luck momma.”

“Vaccum the floor every day, fleas lay eggs like crazy and those suckers can survive for weeks. Vaccum the snot out of your carpet and floors, and baseboards shampoo them with dawn water and some vinegar that will kill those demons. Take a spray bottle of dawn water and spray the crap out of the mattress in the morning and let it sit for the day and air dry. You also need to treat the outside of your house because you may not be aware but you are still tracking those beasts in the house from outside use an outdoor flea killer spray with a water hose and spray the heck out of the house outside. Treat the entire inside. Do bombs inside. I rescued some kittens and had a flea problem after that but I killed it quickly and then no problem. I practically scrubbed my house down from ceiling to floor to kill them all. Monster Monther Mode.”

“It can take 3 months of consistency in treating for fleas because of their life cycle. We found treating the pets was easier than bombing the house.”

“Are you 100% sure its fleas? Almost sounds like bed bugs. Most blood-sucking insects actually prefer a certain blood type. That may be why he’s the only one being bitten. I hope it goes well.”

For heaven’s sake, check his bed, and your furniture for bed bugs. If the bites still remain a mystery, call a professional exterminator. I don’t care how much it costs, find the money somewhere. Don’t let your baby get eaten up like that, even if you have to let him sleep with you.

Final Thoughts

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To sum up the thoughts and responses of the community, I would say you should do lots of research to make sure it isn’t something else. I wouldn’t rule out fleas, but I would make sure it isn’t bed bugs or anything else for that matter. I know someone who got bed bugs and she slept in the same bed with her husband but only she got bit. They do usually pick a host. Your exterminator can tell you what it is once they come. Is it possible to stay with a family member or friend until you get it under control? You might pull out a playpen or air mattress and have your baby sleep in the same room as you? Just a few suggestions. I hope you get it figured out soon. It’s so stressful as a Mom when you feel helpless.

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