My 6-year-old nephew has been having accidents: Advice?

Anyway, I have my almost six-year-old nephew daily. His dad brings him to my house in the mornings, and I take him to school. I also pick him up from school. Almost always, after I pick him up from school, he poops himself. He holds it all day during school but messes his pants before we even get home. My sister, his mom, doesn’t see him very often. He primarily stays with his dad and me. I’m wondering if he’s having accidents because he’s upset that he doesn’t see him, mom…? I don’t know how to break him of this.. help.

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    1. Jennifer Boles so much patience! Regular potty breaks, extra fiber, stool softeners. The hardest part is getting their bodies back to normal. It’s hard with school age children because you have to trust them to handle it themselves.

  1. Or…he doesn’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom at school. They don’t get enough time. Had an issue with my nephew…the teacher didnt give them enough time. There was a line waiting to go.

  2. I don’t know if you want to try this but…have a chat with regarding this problem of HIS that you’d like to help him with. Ask him if he’d like some help solving his problem. Give him an opportunity to tell you what he thinks might solve it. If you have an SUV or minivan you could put a bucket lined with a contractors plastic bag and pack wipes. If he doesn’t think he can make it to the house, pull over and let him go in the bucket. Reward him every day he doesn’t go in his pants, with a bigger reward for making it a whole week. Have him help decide what the rewards are.

  3. Yeah that’s what im thinking too he can’t go at school so he holds it all day,I think I would go to his class and get him and take him to the restroom before you leave

  4. See if you can’t change his poop schedule. Perhaps in the morning when he is dropped off to you.

    Some kids may not feel comfortable pooping at school. It could be a time thing with the teachers. Ask him as soon as you pick him up from school.

    My 6 year old gets so involved in activities that he sometimes forgets to go too.

  5. Honestly, it sounds like he just doesn’t want to go at school, but can’t quite make it home after holding it in. I would say it has nothing to do with not seeing the mother if this is his regular routine between your house and his dad.

  6. Have him potty at school as soon as you pick him up or ask his teacher to remind him a little before the end of class. Also I have found that making them wash out their own mess is a very good deterrent

  7. Yes most likely the case is because he misses his mom. Ive been having the same issue with my 4yr old because his baby brother just arrived. Patience and just a lot of encouragement.

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