My BIL’s wife hates me and I don’t know why.

Anyone else have a Hating Brother-in-laws Wife? 1 New year’s eve, at her family’s event and she tells all of my Husband’s family that I’m a Drunk. I was buzzed & Her whole family was Drunk. This was six years ago, and since then She acts like I’m not there. At family gatherings. Hi here hi there to EVERYBODY ELSE. One of her kids is now on the same team as my child. I have to see her every morning and twice a week for practice and game. My significant other says she is just jealous of us being “More financially secure” that’s sad. I’m not trying to be friends or nothing our kids are cousins, and my mother in law has to be emotional about the fact that she doesn’t want to be involved if I’m hosting an event. How can someone be so Hippocratic, hate someone for drinking on a holiday and then be pouring shots at her bosses daughters party this year? How do you all co-exist with an envious person? I feel like she should mind her business and stay out of everyone else’s business. (I’m not the only family member that can’t stand her btw) It just kills the vibe when she walks in the room for Real. I hope this rant makes sense.

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  1. Typically when you tell someone how You Feel, they’re more apt to listen and take it in because no one can say you dont Feel like that. But if you are all like why do you do this or that to me that person can easily just say they dont. But they cant tell u how u feel. So tell her.

  2. Maybe just ask her if you’ve done something to offend her. Even if shes the problem..putting her on the defensive wont help. I’d hate having to live every day like definitely try to get to the bottom of.

  3. Ignore her! Focusing on it will cause drama and stress you out. Over what? She sounds ridiculous and everyone sees it ,they just dont take it personal it’s her damn issues.

  4. Kasha Snoxhill if she was married to your husband’s brother, she’s actually not even your sister in law. She’s just your brother in law’s wife… well, ex-wife. Don’t give nasty people titles they don’t deserve. ????????

  5. I’m super lucky that I get along with my husbands whole family, but I would definitely ask her in a nice way. Something like “hey, I notice we don’t ever talk/hangout/etc., have I done something to offend you?” I would let her have the floor and see if she has anything to say, then she can’t really get defensive and if it’s something dumb then she might realize when she says it out of her own mouth that it’s unnecessary

  6. Makes perfect sense, I would confront her in front of the whole family be the person to put an end to it because she isn’t any better then anyone else, put her in her place

  7. You need to take her to coffee and have a one on one.
    If there still is an issue, be gracious and kind and then back off. “Shes got your goat” and she knows it.

  8. What? Lol no one owes you anything. She doesn’t HAVE to like you. You don’t have to like her. It happens. You only even know her by marriage. Move on lol if I spent all my time worrying about who doesn’t like me I wouldn’t get much done.

  9. Unfortunately not everyone in families get along. The majority of people have someone in their family that they don’t get along with.
    I wish people considered the partner they were choosing and how they would get along with their family. It’s got to be exhausting for the person married to that confrontational person as well.

    All you can do is avoid her unless you’re willing to cut off the whole family to be completely rid of her.

  10. You can talk to her about why she dislikes you, but youll have to come at it from a really ignorant point of view, like “is there anything I can do to improve our relationship, I really go out of my way to be friendly, have I offended you” etc. Odds are, though, that the confrontation, even if you’re not placing the blame for the situation on her, will just piss her off, or she will answer you in a way that pisses you off, saying the same complaints you have of her, about you, “you never acknowledge me, you clearly hate me, you talk shit about me and my family”, etc.
    So honestly, if you can’t handle her feelings about you and your behavior, and agree to do better, there’s no point in addressing the issue. Better to smile and say hi when you see her, ask her how she’s doing, and treat her like there’s nothing wrong, even if she ignores you, and ignore her negative behavior. Being kind, inviting, and cordial is all you can do. If she still wants to hate on you, at least she’ll have to make up the problem between you.

  11. She sounds too immature to talk about it. Been there done that, with envious people in the past. They’re a waste of time. And at the end of the day who cares what they say ! No one will ever be happy with you anyway ????????‍♀️ so just be happy with yourself.

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