My childs other parent isn’t in their life: Advice?

It has been 11 months since my child’s other parent has not been present, not a call, visit, or message to even ask about them. It’s been normal for weeks an a couple months at a time to go with being around or calling. At 11 months now, however, my child no longer wants anything to do with this parent. The other parent does have a new family an ever since has vanished, does this normally happen. Just cut out your other child/children when you have a new family? It always makes me nervous that they may try and take my child, after this amount of time, the child wants no dealings with the parent. Would a mature nine year old have a say

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  1. In our state I believe they have to be 14 to make that decision. Your best bet would be to talk to a lawyer and see what actions you can take for termination of parental rights or sole custody. Without those things in place I’d be afraid you’d have little say when they resurface.

  2. I can tell you stay up on the court side. That way if they do decide to show back up after long periods of time they cant just make you use an old custody agreement for a parent a child doesnt know. It happened to be me. I hadn’t seen since I was 5 he basically a stranger and all I ever wanted the whole I was there to go home. He had a new family and didnt really wanted us there he just wanted to get back at my mom for the backed child support he had to pay

  3. been going through the same thing with my 2 and 4 year old depending on if you have proof all no contact or visitation that should be good just make sure to always keep EVERYTHING in document write down if contacted what was discussed or visits to show how he isnt in childs life

  4. My sons biological father hasnt consistently been in his life since we were together, 12 years ago when he was an infant. Currently he is in prison for 18,000 in back child support, but hes in and out for all types of charges yearly. He has had another child as well and when not incarcerated, makes no attempt to see our son. My boy is 12 now and literally said the other day, “he hopes his dad will just be good to his younger younger brother.” We do have a court order for him to go EOW but it has never been exercised and I’ll be damned if he tried now. At 9, I believe a child does know and can have the choice. Make that dude take you back to court. If he gives enough shits, he will.

  5. I’ve been dealing with the same thing. My 8 year old has been pushing her father away more and more due to the fact that he treats his children with his wife better than her and she sees and feels it every time she visits his home and used to face chat with him. Now she ignores his calls and literally told him she no longer wants to see him during her summer visits anymore. It’s the only time they see each other. I let her tell him how she felt he said it shattered him but in my opinion I don’t believe anything that flys out of that mouth. So I think you should let you child chose to Express themselves and if they don’t want to talk to their parent don’t force it right now because they will do it when they are ready and in good time. Just talk to them and be there for them. Make sure to give them as much love as you can and always let them know that they can talk to you about anything! I tell that to my daughter everyday and she and I have a very open line of communication.

  6. It is not the childs fault he doesn’t want a relationship with the other parent. Do not force your child in a family member if that person is not going to make the effort on their part.

  7. what is this fear someone will “take your child”? Get an attorney and file for full custody, and disallow this possibility. If they don’t show up to court, file to have their rights removed. End of story

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