My dentist told me my daughter had a tongue tie: Advice?

Has anyone dealt with a tongue tie with their child? Did you choose to have it corrected or wait and see if it corrects itself? My second child is a year-and-a-half, just went to her first dentist appointment and was notified that she has a tongue tie. It was never noticed by any other physician seen, nor has she has any issues with breastfeeding or eating and is in the stage of learning to enunciate. We’re going to get a second opinion [especially due to her not having any issues], but I’m just curious to hear other mom’s situations/circumstances and routes taken. [noted to add that I’m aware each child is different, and medical opinions are obviously taken into dire consideration, but I do believe some doctors are all about unnecessary procedures just for big pharma and insurance companies to make a few bucks off the hard-working families (Please don’t get me going on this subject ) ]

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397 thoughts on “My dentist told me my daughter had a tongue tie: Advice?”

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    My grandson had his surgically corrected at about 18 months. Very simple…and he didn’t even act like he had any pain. He ate Mac and cheese on the way home from his surgery

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    My daughter had it , breastfed for 16 months without any issues .. when she was 3 1/2 yr old could not talk and what she did say you couldn’t understand.. had it sniped and she needed speech therapy for 2 yr to learn how to position her tongue advise is to get it sniped young before they start talking .. 3 minute procedure .. put under anesthesia for 5 minutes ..she was eating regular food that evening.. I’m an RN , 1st child and was never discovered even by a pediatrician and pediatric dentist .. changed dentists and new family dentist found it

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    My daughter had upper and lower ties (lip and tongue) and we had them corrected when she was a little over a year. Its quick and easy and recovery was quick. I would suggest doing it. Her teeth have started coming in straighter, she is able to eat better with her tongue tie taken care of. It’s definitely up to you, but I didnt hesitate getting hers done.

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