My exes girlfriend keeps starting drama on facebook: Help?

My ex has this girlfriend who’s a drama lover. She’s always posting negative uncalled things on Facebook about me. My kids see it. They have a child together. Our oldest (15 yrs old) got fed up with it, and I didn’t know she had contacted her dad and told him that she’s never coming back to his house cause of how his girlfriend treats me. He just shrugs it off like it’s nothing to him. He says he tells her to stop, but she won’t. I don’t post on Facebook about them. It’s not the time or the place. My kids refuse to go there because of her actions. I’ve even had people tell me she’s a disease and will do anything to destroy my kids so she can have their father to herself and their child. What do I do? I’m lost, and my heart goes out to my kids. Talking to their dad does no good!

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  1. Sounds like the dads gf is insecure and that’s her way of getting attention. I’d ignore it and have your kids remove her from social media so they can’t see her post. I am a step mother and I’d never talk about my step sons mother on social media! Don’t allow her negativity ruin the relationship the kids have with their father! Best of luck!

  2. Block her and ignore it. Tell your daughter to block her also so she doesn’t see it. Some people are just immature af and the only thing you can do is ignore it. Once she stops getting attention from yall for doing it she’ll stop.

  3. I wouldnt even bother wastin my breath on it. Its childish. Ur child she has told him n gd on her. She is old enough 2 say something. Block her. Cause if u react 2 them then they think they have won. Dont worry bout them they clearly have nothing better 2 do

  4. At this point if he cant recognize what its doing to his other children it is not their loss but his. Love them extra and move forward. Block her on fb and dont allow the negativity into your life any longer. It sounds like they are old enough to decide whether they want to be around this type if behavior or not. If he really truly cared he would tell her to stop and be involved in his kids life.

  5. There’s not much you can do. If they are court ordered to go to their dads they have to go. Sounds like he’s immature if he can’t stop her from posting things on fb.

  6. I wouldn’t make your children go over there if they don’t want to. He obviously doesn’t care if they come over or not and doesn’t seem to care that this child (his gf) is hurting his other children.

  7. Stop looking at Facebook and keep living your own life. If he doesn’t want to see his own two kids or doesn’t stand up to her to allow them to visit then that’s on him. He misses out not you.

  8. You do you and forget about her. As for your kids it sounds like they are old enough to make their own decisions about who they want in their lives. If you ex doesn’t seem to care that’s on him. Just be there for your kids and that’s all you need to worry about.

  9. He doesn’t tell her anything… men don’t too much stand for disrespect, unless they’re completely spineless. I suggest therapy for you and your kids and blocking them on social media

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