My friend constantly compares our children and I want it to stop: Advice?

How do you politely tell your friend her constantly putting her child in competition with mine needs to end? My child is 5 months older than my friends and she is constantly asking when my child did this or that and gets noticeably upset and silent if mine does something first and overly giddy if hers ends up doing it first. It’s like she’s keeping a record of absolutely everything and I don’t know how to have a healthy relationship with her anymore she is just way too obsessed with milestones. She keeps a weekly record and is using my child as a comparison. I don’t want my child to be a competition and honestly feel bad for hers. It’s like she uses him as an extension of herself and gets disappointed in him if he didn’t do something before another baby. I’m not only annoyed but concerned.

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  1. I would probably stop being around her. My cousins girlfriend is like that. Her baby is 2 months younger than mines and she Constantly compares and tries to act like its a competition similar to you, I choose not to be around her or allow her around my baby. Protect your peace at ALL costs!

  2. Stop having playdates with her. Dont pick up her calls and just tell her you’re busy. People like that are toxic and you really do not need or want that in your life and especially your child’s life.

  3. You can either talk to her and tell her it’s not a compitition and all babies grow and do things on their own time at their own rate.
    Or if you’ve already tird something like that then it maybe time to just stop hanging out. Time to take a break. Maybe she will get the hint but probably not.

  4. When she asks just tell her “I’d rather not compare our children, it’s not like they are competing! Let’s talk about something else.” If she continues just tell her you are going to cut ties with her.

  5. This is like Bullying and needs to stop it affects your children and funny enough hers I would tell her this be point blank with her lots off harm comes from this .

  6. I’m too blunt to be polite, I’d tell her plain and simple next time she asks that it’s not her concern or her business if all she wants to do is compete. If she can’t handle or comprehend each child goes at their own pace, maybe she should find someone else to hang out with ????‍♀️

  7. Run…it will follow right through school, college, boyfriends/girlfriends, careers, marriage and their children. It’s very unhealthy…..brake away
    …. fast, Sorry

  8. I would just kindly ask why she feels the need to compare children. And let her know you dont like it. Then go from there. Maybe she doesnt realize shes doing it? Maybe she does and if she continues then maybe time to bag the friendship. No need to make it end on bad terms. Just slowly kill the communication

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