My friends 4-year-old refuses to potty train: Advice?

I have a friend of mine who has a 4 year old who refuses to potty train. She’s tried everything from treats to underwear. She wants to get him potty trained so he can start preschool. Any ideas to help her out! Thanks in advance

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  1. My daughter sets alarm on her phone for every half hour. When my 22 month old granddaughter hears it she knows its time for potty. She got this tip from her daycare provider. She’s doing well and few accidents

  2. I had a niece like that and her pediatrician said don’t force her. When she’s ready she will do it. Sore enough a few weeks later she started going on the potty with no problem

  3. pant-less weekend, or regular underpants. Pulls ups are designed to make them feel dry. Noone likes to feel wet. also we used the “pee pee in the potty” song on youtube and got then entire family to help also.

  4. My daughter told me she didn’t want to be potty trained so I told teachers and sent her in pull ups and told them to not worry about it. It wasn’t long and she didn’t want to wear pull ups anymore.

  5. I know this sounds weird, but when my boys were training, I would put cheerio’s/cereal in the toilet and have them “sink the cheerios”. It would seem the 4yr old wouldnt want the mess in his britches? If its just because he is refusing, maybe reach out to his doctor for some suggestions? Has he expressed a reason why he doesnt want to potty train? Maybe the flushing scares him?

  6. Same my son will be 4 in Feb and wants nothing to do with the potty. Forcing it will only make it worse and kids don’t work on parents time. I was told with boys though that doing it naked works better because if the sensation of pulling something up like a diaper and they have more accidents.

  7. I did the potty training in 3 days method. I just threw out the diapers/ pull ups and put her in underwear. I put her on the toilet every 15 mins. She peed herself about 5 times total and she didn’t like the feeling of being wet. Within 3 days she was completely potty trained, even at night time. She never wet the bed once.

  8. All of my 3 kiddos were not fully potty trained until late 4’s. Pee wasnt bad but the poopy part was miserable. With my son I made him rinse out his undies after trying everything else I could think of and that actually started it working. They are really just scared to poop on the potty for some reason but thankfully all of mine started at late 4s like I said.

  9. This is a battle the 4 year old will win. Sorry. You can’t make a kid go potty that doesn’t want to. All she can do is put him in underwear and keep sending him to the toilet often. And be prepared to clean up lots of messes.

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