My husband sometimes yells at our daughter and I dislike it: Advice?

My husband is a good father when he is good. We had our daughter eight months ago. He has been very loving, attentive, caring, etc. since birth. However, he struggles with his temper in general in life. He sees an anger therapist (per my request) as he often has one reaction (anger) to anything. He has never physically assaulted me or anyone, but emotional/verbal can be bad enough. He does not do this every day, but whenever he is frustrated, he will get upset. Most recently, he watches our daughter when I go to work, and he wakes up with her primarily. He will get frustrated at her at times when she is crying and tell her to shut up or knock it off. I yell at him, but this is rare for him to do. When I do, he tells me I am overreacting and that it’s really not a big deal. I have given him an ultimatum, he needs to work on it, or he needs to leave. I don’t fear of him hurting her, but I do fear eventually his words will hurt her. It is one thing to do to me, another to do to her…I will not stand for that. My question is, what would you do? Please don’t judge too harshly for either party…i am just trying to figure out what to do for my marriage and my daughter…Daycare is not an option. Neither is quitting my job as I make the majority of the money. I just feel sad and lost. I love my husband, but my daughter comes first…

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  1. Hunny i am in the same boat with my 6yo. But my husband is working on it,because he never wants to lose us. If your husband truly loves you and your child, he will stop telling you that your over reacting and will understand that he made a bad choice and will try and correct him self. He has to want to change.

  2. If your daughter comes first you shouldn’t have to ask what to do. What are you going to do? Wait for him to start physically abuse her? Then what? Ask what you should do? Figure it out of your daughter s well being is important to you

  3. Get over it i feared my dad just as my whole generation did he is doing what is innate men are not nurturers psychology 101 i am just as he is live my kids but im firm i have mini explosions thats life

  4. This is not good my dear woman and sis. Please don’t disregard this lightly your husband has a hugh problem and you don’t really know for certain one day he may lose it and lash out, these things happen everyday. Men are warriors and conquerors they were not created to stay at home with the children while mommy goes out and makes the money. Reverse roles are not healthy. It’s okay if you work but he needs to work to and then hire someone for childcare. Also he needs therapy and accountability. No child should be yelled at or told to shut up at any age. This problem will get worse and your child will suffer the affects.

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