My Husband Was Not Happy I Painted Our Sons Nails

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QUESTION: My Husband Was Not Happy I Painted Our Sons Nails: Thoughts?

“Every time I paint my nails, my four almost five-year-old son begs me to paint his, and I was always saying no, “boys don’t paint their nails,” but over the weekend, I caved and said, you know what? Why the heck not! Girls always want equal rights and to do whatever a boy does, so why shouldn’t it be the same for boys? Why should there be a girl-only thing?! So, I painted his nails, and my husband was NOT happy at all! He is a “traditional” mindset type of guy, and he immediately said he isn’t gay he shouldn’t paint his nails.

Well, I did not take well to that response because DUH, painting your nails does NOT determine who you love in life, not to mention he is four and just wants to be like his mom and thought his fingers looked beautiful! I have reached out to other moms, and they are on my side one even said she painted her son’s fingers until almost 1st grade when he said it wasn’t cool anymore. I told my husband, but he still said I am weird and confusing our son. What are other mommas thoughts on this topic?!”

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My Husband Was Not Happy I Painted Our Sons Nails

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“My opinion is let them be young and free before judgment runs their life choices. Not many agree with me. My son is into a lot of “girl” things and not once growing up did I defy things as “girl items” or “boy items”. He is also into a lot of “boy” things as well. One day Judgement will sway his choices, until then we let him live free. Me and my husband are fine with that.”

“I don’t paint my nails. But if my son ever wants his nails painted, then I’m buying nail polish in whatever color he wants and doing it together.”

“My dad let my children paint his nails all the time. Why? Because it was great bonding time and they had some cool conversations and they were able to expand their imagination! I had the little paints for you to do designs with, so they drew designs as well. Now, I have 2 very talented children in the arts area. My dad is not gay and my daughter is now soon to be 13 and he still let’s her paint his nails if she ask.”

“100% you are right this time! My son and I get pedicures all the time together he loves and I love spending the time with him. Right now we both have sparkly pink he picked it out we alway get matching toe colors. And then when we got home he got on his BMX bike and ride around our driveway and played Fortnite with neighbor. Painted nails has nothing to do with anything besides wanting to do with doing what your doing!”

“My husband was raised that way. I was raised to accept everyone as they are. We have 2 daughters and a son. When I paint my daughters nails, I paint my sons too. He’s 3. At first my husband didn’t like it until I told him how ignorant he sounded. Ended that argument pretty quickly.”

“Children don’t see things that way. Your husband is closed minded let you son do what makes him happy. When he is old enough to understand more he will make his own decisions. And odds are he just wanted his nail painted to spend time with you. No difference when my stepdaughter see her daddy shave his face and she wants to.”

“My brother IS gay and doesn’t paint his nails. soooo yeah. He’s a little boy. Paint his nails if he wants you too. I paint my 2 year old son’s nails cause he wants to be like mommy and sissy. My husband didn’t agree at first but when he saw how happy our son was he got over the “it’s for girls” only mindset.”

“Its not confusing at all. Children have no concept on gender norms or stereotypes. All your husband is doing is damaging him to believe he cant like or enjoy feminine things.”

“Let him be himself. Sometimes boys just want to have pretty nails too. Have fun with him like that before he doesn’t want em painted anymore lol.”

“My daughter love blue and dinosaurs. I believe we as parents should allow our kids to be themselves. And really he just wants to be like him mom and paint his nails.”

“It’s about self expression. Let him wear fun colors and be a kid.”

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