My mom claimed my kids without my permission: Advice?

My mom claimed my children without my permission, my husband also filed and claimed my kids. Has anyone else gone thru this? How do I make sure my husband and I get our tax return

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  1. Your mother would have to have the kids social security number to do this. And if the IRS catches the numbers used more then once then they will hold both of your return until its figured out

  2. When my ex husband filed and claimed the kids, even though hes not supposed to, I went ahead and filed and claimed them anyways. We both got our return at the regular time, but they sent us a letter later that year saying they had been claimed twice, and to send in proof that they live with you, to show which one of us had the right to claim them. He didn’t have any proof to show, so he had to pay it all back. I sent their school registration, which shows the same address as me, and I didnt hear anything else about it on my side.

  3. If your mom did it first your husband will be audited and your pretty much screwed unless she says she did it without permission and she’ll have to pay back money

  4. They will flag it. Some one will get in trouble. My ex husband claimed our daughter.. I have 100 percent custody.. he got in trouble if your mother took care of them more than half the year, she can claim them. There is so much information missing. So many factors.

  5. report her to the IRS if she has no right to claim, they’ll litigate, you’ll get yours, she will be fined for false claiming, and don’t feel a bit bad about it

  6. In Michigan who ever claims them that ain’t supposed to they have to pay them back. I would get ahold of irs and tell them ur mom wasn’t supposed to claim them and that u didn’t give her the right to claim them.

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