My special needs child might be kicked off the bus: Advice?

My soon to be four-year-old son goes to preschool for children with iep and special needs. (He hasn’t been diagnosed yet.) We have had a few instances, but nothing this bad. Today he was kicking, biting, hitting, cursing the bus aid. Saying things like you mother***** and so on… I am so upset about this. His teacher called me to let me know this is his warning if it continues, he will no longer be able to ride the bus. Please don’t tell me he needs his but whooped he is a special needs child. He doesn’t benefit from that in any way.

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  1. If he’s a danger to himself or others while on the bus he shouldn’t be riding the bus. I understand special needs but others need to be protected as well. I hope it gets resolved.

  2. Speak to his pediatrician about his behavior , yes he’s special needs, which kind, why is he acting out like this, why is he using this language, how does he behave in the class room, even with special needs he can learn how to behave, find out what is going on in the bus and what’s going on at home, take care

  3. Have you talked to the Dr about what’s going on? With special needs children you just have to have patience and wait for it to pass. I was a teacher’s aid for special needs and had a child hit me in the head with a book. I kept my cool even though my head was spinning. I had another one call me bitch all the time.

  4. Get him diagnosed right away. Put him in special bus. They can not kick him off. What is causing his behaviors? Maybe you need to sit with the teacher. You and your child have more rights than you know about

  5. Without an IEP, how did he get into a school like that? He is verbal, so talk to him. He heard those words some where. Explain that [email protected]●cker, a$$hole, etc are GROWN UP words. He is not grown up so he can’t use them. Start positive reinforcement. Gold stars for days he is good in the bus. 5 gold stars in a row gets a special prize from the prize box. Have a box of stuff he can pick from.

  6. Immediately call School District superintendent. Demand a copy of the video recording from the bus. Contact local government rep for special needs. There are often special taxi services avail for kids needing special accommodations. My immediate thought is SOMETHING TRIGGERED THE CHILD to get him to that point at 4 yrs old.

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