My toddler has been pottying in his pants and trying to hide it: Advice?

My three 1/2yrs old son has been potty trained for a while now. But lately, he has been peeing and pooping in his underwear and hides it. Every time I ask if he needs to go potty, he says no or that he already went (which usually ends up being a couple of hrs ago). Then I told him to go potty, and he started crying, saying he didn’t want to go potty anymore. I’m at a loss. What could be making him not want to use the bathroom anymore? He’s never had a bad experience as far as I know. I even asked him if it hurt to go potty (thinking maybe UTI or bladder infection), but he said it doesn’t hurt. Any suggestions? TIA

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  1. I have the same issue going on with my 3 year old girl had her doing amazing then all of a sudden she stopped doing it again got told it was the baby but he is 1 now and she took to it all just fine I’m pulling my hair out….

  2. Always ask them every 30 minutes or so to go. My grandson hid behind the couch when he had to poop. This is after he would go to the bathroom. It’s just a ‘its mine” stage I think. Second grandson wont go potty.

  3. My boys did the same thing. Come to find out they thought a part of them was going away. So we would say goodbye to the poop and after a week they were good

  4. Set a timer more frequent than how often he usually goes and don’t make going optional. When he has an accident, be nonchalant and hand him wipes and new clothes, then make him take care of it. Worked like a charm with my daughter.

  5. I never “asked” my toddlers. I would just tell them it was time to go try to potty. Then I would take them in the bathroom and make them try. We also never used a “potty seat” we just use the toilet.

  6. Maybe he had a hard poop from constipation and now he associates poop with pain, out grandson was holding his poop for days and as a result peeing his pants. Doctor said put 1/4 dose of myrlax in his food every day, stopped it

  7. At that age kids rather play than take the time to use the bathroom. He may know he has to go and needs to go but in his little mind what he’s doing right then and there is more important, and when you tell him it’s time to go he may feel like you’re trying to do it as a punishment (making him stop what he’s doing just to use the bathroom lol) it’s a stage thing ! I learned this in my parenting class, patience is all you can give him and always always always reward him for using the potty ! My son is 4 and is just now WANTING to use the potty lmfao and gets sooo excited when he does but I’m sure as he gets older he will go back to being a lazy kid refusing the potty lol no need to worry mamas !

  8. My sons both started this because they didnt want to miss their favorite tv show. Just sit them on the toilet and have them try to go. If they go great, and if not then thats okay too. Regression can be a normal part of potty training.

  9. Try rewarding him even for just sitting on the potty, small maybe a m&m’s let him pick the color he likes, gives him a feel of control did this with my grandson worked like a charm

  10. My daughter became afraid of the toilet around that age. She was scared a shark would come up through the water and bite her. Had to have someone go in with her so she’d be safe lol. Luckily it only lasted 6 months or so.

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