33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

For millennia, humans have been fascinated and intoxicated by the beauty of our moon. Names meaning moon have been around just as long as it’s universally believed to be a compliment to be compared to that floating rock in the night sky. Further, cultures around the world have created whole mythologies for moon deities and their mysterious powers.

Needless to say, baby names meaning moon are some of the most prized around the world. These charming names can be poetic incantations of the moon, mythological names for moon deities, and so much more! While we will mainly focus on Earth’s moon, there are some 200-odd moons in our solar system that can also offer baby name inspiration! We are absolutely sure you are going to love these names meaning moon. As the song goes, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That’s Amore!”  

Shoot for the Stars with These Marvelous Names Meaning Moon!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

The Sinhalese name, Nikini, from Sri Lanka might look like the word “bikini” to you, but this name sounds more “Nick in me.” So, NIK-inn-ie is the correct pronunciation which might throw some folks off! However, Nikini means “full moon in August.”


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Pronounced, meh-LIN-oh-ee, Melinoe is a curious name that means “color of quince.” According to Nameberry, Melinoe in Greek mythology is a moon goddess related to Hecate. She was thought to bring nightmares and illness, hence the name’s meaning. The yellowish-green color of quince fruit was a symbol of sickness. A slightly dark origin story for this name, but a moon goddess name nonetheless.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Another name from Greek mythology, Larissa means “citadel.” According to myth, Larissa was a nymph fathered by Pegasus. In 1991, the name was applied to a moon of Neptune. So, it can be considered among the other names meaning moon on our list.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Pronounced, ESS-mer-eye, the Turkish name Esmeray means “dark moon.” If you’re after a name for girls with the most mysterious of meanings, this appellation will be perfect for you!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

We mentioned Hecate earlier and now we’d like to tell you more about this Greek moon goddess. She is considered a goddess of witchcraft, night, and ghosts. A somewhat creepy figure in ancient myth, Hecate would make for a notable baby name today.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Ariel comes from the same Hebrew root as Ari and means “lion of God.” While not expressly one of the names meaning moon, Ariel names on of the major moons of Uranus.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

A cross-cultural name found in use in many languages, Amaris is considered to mean “promised by God,” in Hebrew tradition and “child of the moon” in Spanish. Other possible meaning of this name include “grace,” “tribe,” and “immortal.”


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

In German, Bader is considered a name for boys that means “barber.” But, in Arabic tradition, Bader is a name for girls meaning “full moon.”


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

A popular Egyptian name for boys, Badru, grew so beloved over the years that it is now also widely used for baby girls as well. Badru means “born during the full moon.”


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

The Roman deity Diana is the goddess of the moon and hunting. This Latin name means “divine.” Although Diana is the goddess of the hunt she is still considered a protecter of wildlife.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

This name was used exclusively as a name for girls until modernity when it now is being given to both boys and girls today. Artemis is essentially the precursor for Diana and is also the goddess of the moon and hunting. The name means “butcher,” but that’s not stopping parents from choosing it. It landed in the US top 1000 most popular names for girls for the first time in 2020.

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33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

The name of Saturn’s largest moon that has the potential to sustain human life, Titan would make for a distinctive choice for a baby boy. In fact, parents have propelled the name to popularity and it’s been widely favored over the last decade. Titan means “defender.”


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Son of Zeus, Apollo is the Greek god of music, medicine, and poetry. Apollo’s Greek root means “destroyer.” As all moon fans know, Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on the moon.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

The astronomer Simon Marius named the largest moon of Jupiter Io in 1614. The name was adopted from the Greek myth in which Io names a princess who was taken by Zeus. She turns into a cow to escape him. Io means “moon of Jupiter” today.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

The English name Monday comes from Old English mona dæg or Mōnandæg which translates to “moon’s day” or “day of the moon.” That’s enough to make you love Mondays! We think Monday makes for a unique name with plenty of character.

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33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

What would a list of names meaning moon be without the mega-popular appellation Luna? Luna originates in Latin and means “moon.” The name was given to a Roman goddess of the moon. Luna is one of the most popular names for girls in the US today!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

One of the prettiest Greek goddess names, Selene comes from a Greek word related to “light” and means “moon goddess.” According to myth, Helios the sun god is the brother of Selene.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Jericho names an ancient Palestinian city that is mentioned in the Bible. It comes from Hebrew roots that mean “moon.” This name has traditionally been given to boys but it can go to girls as well!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

The Turkish name for girls Aylin means “moon halo.” It’s top 500 name in the US today! We imagine it’s one of the most romantic names meaning moon on this list. Moon halo? Fabulous!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Jacira is a baby name for girls from Brazil, according to ScaryMommy. The name comes from the indigenous Tupi people and means “moon honey.” Is this the best name for your honeymoon baby? You bet!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

One of the most beautiful names meaning moon, Elara likely comes from the same Greek word that gives us areal. Elara names one of the moons of Jupiter.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Mahina comes from Hawaiian mythology and names a moon goddess who escaped to the moon after her beauty made her irresistible on Earth. This is one of the most colorful names meaning moon on this list!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Name to an X-ray observatory and telescope, Chandra has Sanskrit origins and is a Hindu Moon-god. This name is used for both boys and girls but thanks to its “a” ending, it predominately goes to girls in the west.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Another Hindu moon deity, Deva also comes from Sanskrit origin. The name means “radiance” or simply, “moon goddess.” We imagine this divine name would be thoroughly enjoyed by parents in the US today.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Mona is an Irish Gaelic name that means “noble good” or an Italian shortened form of Madonna, meaning “my lady.” The name also has roots in the same Old English word for “moon” that gives us the name Monday.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Pronounced kah-MAR, Qamar is a delightful name for boys from Arabic that means “moon.” Qamar’s got the lovable qualities of Omar but it’s far rarer in the US today.

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33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Another one of the names meaning moon, Chandni is widely used for girls in India and South Asia today. We think it sounds fashionable and charming!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

An absolutely gorgeous Turkish name for boys, Koray means “ember moon.” The name, with its poetic meaning, is extremely popular in Turkey and Germany today!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

A name traditionally given to little boys, we feel that Luan could work well for girls as well. The Polynesian roots of the name mean “moon.” However, you will found an identical name in Albanian that means “lion.” In Gaelic, the name means “hound.”


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Celimene is a heavenly name for girls adopted into French from Latin and ultimately Greek before that. The name means “heavenly strength” or “moon.” The name is most familiar to most Americans as it appeared in the French comedy of manners,  Le Misanthrope ou l’Atrabilaire amoureux, or The Misanthrope, or the Cantankerous Lover. Her character really loved to talk behind people’s backs but don’t let that stop you!


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

According to Nameberry, the name Altalune is an invented name comprised of Latin roots that mean “over the moon.” Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson created the name and used it as a middle name for their daughter.


33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

In Greek mythology, Phoebe is another name for Artemis a goddess of the moon we already shared with you. The name means “shining one.”

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33 Enchanting Names Meaning Moon

Ayla is an increasingly popular name in the US today and it’s tracking to crack the US top 100 by 2022. The name can be found in Hebrew and Turkish meaning “oak tree,” “halo,” and “moonlight.” Who could be mad at any of that? It’s one of the fastest-rising names meaning moon today. Look out, Luna!

There you go! We hope you learned more names meaning moon than when you started this list and that you will consider using one of these gorgeous appellations from around the world for your baby! Baby names meaning moon offer such much warmth and poetry. Shine on!

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