Names That Mean Blessing & Sound Like One Too

Are you looking for baby names to fit that precious miracle on the way? There are many names with evocative and uplifting meanings for you to choose from. But, if you’re here reading this, we imagine you are specifically looking for baby names that mean blessing. These names sound gorgeous but also carry with them that blessed meaning which you will always cherish. Many of the names are classic favorites while others may be new to you!

Our goal for this list is to deliver some truly magnificent baby names that are a mix of old and new to present you with a wide variety of options for you to choose from. We’ll start with girl names that mean blessing before moving on to names for boys. We are so excited for you and your little one on the way and we truly hope we can play a small part in helping you find the perfect appellation for your child. Let’s get going!

Girl Names That Mean Blessing


Names That Mean Blessing

Beatrix re-entered the US top 1000 for the first time since 1883 in 2019. Thankfully, this uplifting baby name has made a return to favor after spending over 100 years out of play. Beatrix has Latin origins and means “blessed” and “bringer of happiness.” We love the X-factor.


Names That Mean Blessing

Theodora is ripe for a revival of the charmingly old-fashioned names that were popular in the Victorian era. It’s the female form of Theodore, a name which means “gift of God.” The name fell off the top 1000 list in the 1950s before making a return last year! This name has belonged to queens, princesses, and empresses! It has a storied history your daughter will love learning about someday.


Names That Mean Blessing

Winifred is another vintage name that means blessing. Winifred comes from Welsh and means “blessed peacemaker.” The name belongs to a legendary Welsh saint which your daughter would no doubt love to learn also shares her namesake.


Names That Mean Blessing

How sweet is the name Dorothy? It is an English name from the Greek appellation Dorothea that means “gift of God.” The name fell from favor for decades but returned to popularity in 2011.


Names That Mean Blessing

Do you like a touch of Italian to grace your baby’s name? Consider the concise and charming Gia for your energetic baby. This awesome name means “gracious gift of God.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Another name that means blessing that has lux style is Mercedes. Mercedes comes from Spanish and means “gracious gifts.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Janet is a name that makes a statement today. The name has fallen sharply in favor over the past few decades. Janet ultimately comes from Hebrew and means “God’s gracious gift.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Eudora is a soft name that was once popular but should definitely make a return to many birth certificates. The name is of Greek origin and means “generous gift.”


Names That Mean Blessing

The second Welsh name to hit our list, Gwyneth is a vintage charmer that Gwyneth Paltrow yanked from obscurity and made a household name. The appellation’s roots mean “blessed” and “happy.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Dora is the Greek word for many baby names that mean blessing. Theodora, Dorthy, Dorathea, etc all contain it. Dora means “gift” and if you love short and to-the-point names, it’s going to be one of the best on this list for you.


Names That Mean Blessing

If you would like an alternative to Angela, consider the Sanskrit name Anjali for your baby girl. The name means “gift” and “offering.” The name is a mildly popular choice here but it could be more widespread!


Names That Mean Blessing

One of the most beautiful Irish girl names that mean blessing, Sinead is a top-100 choice in Ireland today but you will be hardpressed to discover it on a playground in the US. Sinead means “God’s gracious gift.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Yet Another Welsh name to fall in love with, Carwyen means “blessed love.” In Wales, Carwyn is a name for boys and Carwen is considered the feminine form. You can choose to go either way.


Names That Mean Blessing

A delightfully retro name that deserves to be dusted off is Mireille. The name has French origins and means “miraculous.” This name can also be defined to mean “to admire.” But, it’s your call!

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Names That Mean Blessing

Japanese names can have a variety of meanings depending on the kanji characters used to construct them. The name Megumi is one such name that can mean “blessing.” This beautiful name is not popular in the US but it could definitely get there if enough parents choose it!

Boy Names That Mean Blessing


Names That Mean Blessing

This simple and attractive name is sometimes confused with or anglicized as Shay or even the Irish Shea. But, Shai is a traditional Hebrew name that means “gift.” The name is pronounced like the word shy which could account for it not fully taking off in English-speaking tradition. It’s one of the best boy names that mean blessing.


Names That Mean Blessing

Felix was originally a Roman surname but was adopted as a nickname by the ancient Roman Sulla, who believed that it was specially blessed with luck by the gods. Four popes and sixty-seven saints have borne the name so, we think the meaning behind this name, “fortunate,” is most appropriate. This name is still popular today, just shy of the height of its popularity in the late 19th century.


Names That Mean Blessing

A bit buttoned-up, but fun thanks to the many nicknames that come backed in, Nathaniel is one of the classic names that mean blessing that parents should return to. Nathaniel has Hebrew origins and means “gift of God.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Theo is a shortened form of Theodore that comes from Greek and means “gift.” It’s the same root name that gives us Theodora, Dora, Dorothea, and Dorothy. Theo sounds way more casual than the others with plenty of energy that we know young parents want in a name.


Names That Mean Blessing

Bennet has been gaining steam in recent years and it should come as no surprise why! It’s one of the most engaging names that mean blessing that sounds easy and breezy. Bennet simply means “blessed.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Jonathan is a Biblical name that grew more popular than the perennial favorite John in the 1950s. Today, the “newness” of this name has worn off and it has begun to slide in popularity. Jonathan comes from Hebrew and means “gift of Jehovah.”


Names That Mean Blessing

A rugged-sounding appellation, and one of the most charismatic names that mean blessing, Boone could be the perfect option for stylish parents today. Boone comes from English and French and means “a blessing” and “luck.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Mateo has exploded in popularity over the last decade in the US. What’s not to love? It’s way more fun than time-tested Matthew but it retains Matthew’s beautiful meaning: “gift of God.”


Names That Mean Blessing

A name that was sparingly used until the 1990s, Asher is a force to be reckoned with today. It’s currently one of the most popular names that mean blessing on this list. Asher comes from Hebrew and can mean “blessed” or “fortunate” or “happy.” We’re not mad about a single one of those translations!


Names That Mean Blessing

Barack is a multicultural name that is found in a number of languages and naming traditions. Swahili, Arabic, and Hebrew all make good use of this electric name. Thus, Barack can have a variety of meanings that include “blessing,” “lighting,” and “thunderbolt”


Names That Mean Blessing

It’s a mystery why Caius has never been broadly used by parents in the US. The name has a casual, yet ancient quality to it that feels full of joy. Perhaps this uplifting baby boy name’s meaning is to thank for that! Caius has Latin roots that mean “rejoice.” While this is not exactly one of the names that mean blessing, it is what you do once you receive one. So, let’s rejoice!


Names That Mean Blessing

Jesse has historically been one of America’s favorite names that mean blessing for boys. It’s been near the top since 1880 when baby-naming records begin in the US. Jesse comes from Hebrew and simply means “gift.”


Names That Mean Blessing

Thaddeus comes from Aramaic and it very well may have predated Theodore. Scholars are not 100 percent certain about this but most conclude that the name means “gift of God.” This name could use some more love from parents today and we hope you consider this bold choice!


Names That Mean Blessing

Another one of the thrilling old names that mean blessing, Zebediah has plenty of charm to spare especially when you consider the nickname Zeb! Zebediah comes from Hebrew and means “gift of Jehovah.” This name has never been widely used in the US but it could be!

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Names That Mean Blessing

Parents who like Ben and Benjamin but find those names too popular, consider Benedict as a more distinctive choice. Unlike the Old Testament Benjamin, Benedict is the name of the saint who formed the Benedictine Order and of fifteen popes, including a recent one. The name has Latin origins and means “blessed.” It’s one of the most steadfast boy names that mean blessing.

There you go! We hope you found some baby names that mean blessing that you can use for your child. While it can be hard to settle on just one name for a child, you should always go with your gut and your heart. Deep down you know which name is going to work out best for your family. Tap into that feeling and you will be good to go. If none of these names tickled your fancy, we encourage you to explore other lists on our site (we offer hundreds of lists with thousands of names) until you find the perfect appellation for you! Happy baby name hunting!

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